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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Laura WildeMirror Contributing Writer ARIESYou never have to think twice about getting the help you need. You know you have a lot of people around you willing to lend a hand in all ways. You are not alone. Found objects will play a key role this week in surprising ways.TAURUSYou can’t forget about what you’ve all been through. You know that a hands-off approach is the best way to get what you want. There are many worries that will be figured out once you take a more laid-back approach. GEMINIA whole generation of problems have to work themselves out through your actions. You can’t fix everything and everyone but must be satisfied with the contributions you can make. What you do know is that you’re making progress – you won’t drop the ball this time around.CANCER A great divide will come to a close in the next weeks, maybe months. But when the gap is closed you will breathe a great sigh of relief. You can de-stress the easy way from here on out. How will retrain your attitude? You are so used to the scramble.LEOIf you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Thoughts right now are on long-term solutions, not short term ones. You can’t know how hard things have been for others because you have been focused on what’s going on with you. You can learn a lot from friends.VIRGOThe way things get fixed isn’t to hit them with a sledgehammer but to lightly tap them into place. Practice a lighter touch and a less frantic way of getting things done. Some of us have worn a groove and pulling out of it takes slowing down, maybe even stopping.LIBRAYour creativity is ready to blossom. You just need the brain space and it looks like you’ll be getting it. You see things in a unique, humorous way. Don’t you think it’s time to share that with others? There are so many out there who could benefit from what you have inside.SCORPIOYou can’t take too much time messing around with things that aren’t necessary. But it is key to find joy in life. Adhere yourself to people who are willing to do what it takes and there are many of them. You are so ready to take the plunge.SAGITTARIUSWhat hasn’t happened yet may be happening soon. Times are changing and you can’t have it all. Empty out and then fill back up. You see a brightness at the end of the tunnel. You are also going to be learning something new that you’ll want to share.CAPRICORNYou have been missed in certain social circles. No matter what’s going on with you it is better to reconnect than to disconnect. At some point everyone will be out of touch and then where will you be? You have to figure it all out somehow. It might mean be more of a giver.AQUARIUSYou see hopeful solutions on the horizon. At the same time, you’ve been noticing how things have dramatically changed, and not always for the best. You have taken precautions and those have been the best things you could have asked for.PISCESYou don’t have to worry that nothing will work out. It will all work out. You have to be able to separate your own projections from reality. You are lucky this time, lucky and prepared. You don’t see it coming but it’s coming. And it’s good.

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