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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Laura WildeMirror Contributing Writer ARIESHolding grudges tires out your psyche, not to mention what it does physically. Let’s look forward and have no problem forgetting. You are wise to see the good in what has transpired. After all, what can be done now? Nothing. If nothing changes it’s best to let it all go. TAURUSIt’s a great time to start thinking long term. When you live kind of day to day you get lost and when you get lost you feel trapped. Don’t load up on energy wasters. Fill up on long term energy foods, exercise, breathe.GEMINIThe times are changing and you’re changing with them. Leave room for time to adopt new technologies. Don’t rush your way through them. There is plenty of time. You might start to think that so much time has passed there is no point in bothering. But if you do that, you’ll get buried.CANCER The time investment has been great for you. Instead of imploding you’ve actually bloomed under the pressure. What dies away leaves room for new things to grow. Think in ways that leave your options open. You try hard to figure out what you could have done to fix things earlier but what a waste of time that is.LEOYou’ve lost so much you don’t have any more left. You believe in the wrong gods right now. You must rework your living situation to be more realistic. It isn’t wise to close out the world the way you have been. Use that brilliant mind.VIRGOLove and trust feels like it’s hard to come by lately. Thinking outside the box gets you where you want to be – which is admired, envied, worshipped. But what of your heart? Coddle it and treat it well. It can’t survive another break.LIBRAYou feel the weight until it is somehow, magically lifted. Be proud of what you’ve been able to achieve so far. Who knew your life would end up here? The last horizon for you right now may be mentoring others. You have much to offer, much to give.SCORPIOYou are worried that things aren’t going to work out as planned. You had things pre-arranged before it all flew out the window. But that’s how life is, ain’t it? You’re certain that you don’t know what you have until it’s threatened to be taken away.SAGITTARIUSYou are ready for a change but where do you go and who do you trust? You have to be sure that when it’s time to jump you’re ready to land on your feet and when it’s time to hold steady you’re ready to suck it up and deal. You have choices. Don’t feel bogged down.CAPRICORNIt’s time to clear accounts. You can’t continue this way because it’s made your life in a constant state of panic. If you’re always panicking you always need to soothe. And when you soothe, that’s when you start back with the bad habits. Find more steady peace.AQUARIUSKick off the dust and get back up. You aren’t going to be one of those people who blends into the background. You are going to shine. You have a lot of admirers. Perhaps it’s time to cash those checks and get your ego back on track.PISCESYou are getting better at filtering your thoughts before they blurt out of your mouth. But you are still more willing to spew what’s on your mind than chew on it for a while. Think before you speak because people listen to what you say. They respect your opinion.

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