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Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor , Thank you very much for the Mirror’s coverage of Santa Monica’s trees in the past, and the wonderful effort of our citizens to save them as the treasures they are. I highly encourage residents to attend the Santa Monica City Council’s meeting next Tuesday, April 7th and support a Tree Commission being established. My involvement with TreeSavers has been one of the best experiences I have ever had as a Santa Monica resident. The citizens involved are wonderful people, and I now see trees as examples of god-art with their incredible patterns of limbs and leaves. I also appreciate the oxygen they give us, as well as habitat for animals. I notice how small a space we give them to grow in along the curbs – they deserve more. I attended the Memorial organized by Susan Hartley for the ficus trees cut down on 2nd and 4th streets. It was incredible – we all chose a tree and said something good about it. My favorite was the words of some children that attended. Please help us to support a Tree Commision for Santa Monica. For more information, you can contact Jerry Rubin at 310.399.1000. Kathy KnightSunset Park Resident* * * *Dear Editor,I’m writing to thank you for the Hometown Heroes article, which I enjoyed reading. On top of being an amazing mother and having an impressive career, Louise has been largely responsible for the transformation of our school district’s PTA into a powerful advocacy group that has protected and enhanced education, health and welfare of all children in Santa Monica and Malibu. She has tirelessly held multiple leadership positions at many levels, and continues to be a passionate voice for lifelong learning — from early childhood to elementary and secondary schools, junior college and through retirement . She also provides our community with her informative newslettter, Lifelong Learning Community News. Louise Jaffe has inspired me with her vision, her grasp of realities, her inner motivation and ability to initiate and sustain — and, most of all, how much she cares about our hometown. Many people don’t realize what a huge impact individuals can make in the lives of other people and a whole community. Louise Jaffe is one of those individuals, and she truly is one of my hometown heroes. Laurie YehiaSanta Monica, Ca

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