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Alert: Police Blotter:

The Odd CoupleThursday, April 23, 1:59 a.m. Officers of The Santa Monica Police Department were patrolling the 3400 block of Pico Boulevard when they happened upon a vehicle that looked like it needed to be stopped, so they stopped it. The driver was arrested for suspicion of DUI, but as they (the officers) were performing said arrest, the passenger, in his apparent infinite wisdom (not!), decided to urinate on the sidewalk in front of the officers. The officers suspected from this act that the passenger might also be intoxicated, and possibly a risk to his own person, so they decided to arrest him as well. This man was having none of it, and, again displaying immense common sense (not!), decided to physically resist the officers. The officers dominated this guy, and he was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest.* * * *A Quick DescentFriday, April 24, 5:10 a.m. Officers traveled to the 100 block of Broadway in response to a burglary report, where, upon arrival, the “victim” informed them that a man had broken the window of his second floor apartment, entered through it, walked across his apartment, and exited via the front door. The officers located the man in the area whereupon he was positively identified and arrested. It transpired, however, that this man lived in the apartment above the “victim’s,” and, while he (the man) was quite possibly drunk, had fallen from his own third floor window and down to the “victim’s” second floor window, through which he decided to break and enter, in order to find his way back into the apartment block, and subsequently to his own home. Since there was no intent to burglarize the “victim’s” apartment, the man was booked only for felony vandalism.* * * *Fresh Lips, Clear Eyes, But No Clarity of Thought, It SeemsSaturday, April 25, 6:21 p.m. Officers traveled to the Rite-Aid store located at the 2400 block of Pico Boulevard in response to a theft report. Apparently, the female loss prevention agent of the store had eyed a man stealing a bottle of eye drops and a tube of lip balm. When the agent saw fit to apprehend this man, outside the store, he pushed her, and ran away. However, he later, for no clear reason (perhaps the lip balm was the wrong flavor?), returned to the store, whereupon he was summarily arrested and taken into custody by the police. He was later booked for strong arm robbery.

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