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Alert: Police Blotter:

The Three Stooges?Tuesday, April 28, 7:43 p.m. Officers of The Santa Monica Police Department were patrolling the 2400 block of Kansas Avenue when they noticed three men loitering in the street. The officers got out of their vehicle, and at that point the three men began to stagger, stumble and move about in a generally uncoordinated fashion. The officers’ training immediately kicked in, and they approached and detained this trio of inefficient ramblers, and in doing so they detected the odour of alcohol upon each of the men’s breaths. One thing led to another, and all three were booked for obstructing a police officer (excuse me please!) whilst two of them were also booked for probation violations.A Close Call?Friday, May 1, 5:48 p.m. Officers received a radio report of some persons (of the type appearing to have no fixed abode) trespassing in a building in the 1000 block of 10th Street, so they sped to the scene to investigate. When they arrived they discovered that the building was fenced in with visible signs that stated that the building was set to be demolished. Upon closer inspection they discovered that someone had cut a hole in said fence, so they entered to reconnoiter the scene. They discovered a man asleep in one of the rooms, along with some personal items (change of clothes, toothbrush, shaving kit perhaps?). This suspect was arrested for trespass to a residence without the owner’s consent, and, yes you guessed it, the ubiquitous probation violation. At least he didn’t get demolished along with the building.A Royal Joust?Saturday, May 2, 12:18 a.m. The Brittania pub, located on the 300 block of Santa Monica Boulevard, is a restaurant and sports bar with a British theme prevailing. The pub shows all kinds of sports on its big screen T.V.s, but on the above date, and at the above time, an unscheduled, and presumably undesired “sport” occurred outside the pub, namely an illegal fight involving several apparently intoxicated participants. The police had been called to the fight, not to take part, but on the contrary, to put a stop to the proceedings. When they arrived they found a “victim” standing in the 1400 block of nearby 4th Street. He displayed a cut to his chin, and told the officers that he had been involved in an altercation (a noisy, heated, and angry dispute) when he had been hit in the face with a glass bottle (the English call this being “bottled,” or so I have heard). The “victim” pointed out the suspected assailant, who was subsequently arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon (a serious matter). The “victim” was treated at the scene by Santa Monica Fire Department Paramedics but declined to accept the offer of further treatment (perhaps he did not have health insurance?).A Serial Thief?Saturday, May 2, 4:16 p.m. Officers went to the Von’s Market at 1311 Wilshire Boulevard at the above date and time, not to do their weekly grocery shopping, but in response to a theft report. The store’s Loss Prevention Agents informed the officers that the suspect had put two boxes of cereal int a plastic Von’s bag that he had removed from his pocket, and then left the store without paying. He was detained by the store security and held until the police arrived, whereupon he was booked for commercial burglary and items valued at $51.37 were recovered.

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