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Alert: Police Blotter:

BMWFriday, May 22, 6:50 a.m. Officers of The Santa Monica Police Department received a call, via radio, of a “suspicious” vehicle in the area of 4th Street and the I-10 freeway. The vehicle, a BMW, matched the description of one that had been involved in a previous incident. Apparently, a woman had returned her BMW on April 6 of this year, at approximately 4:55 p.m., and discovered that this BMW was about to be towed, under the supervision of a Traffic Service Officer. The woman was having none of this, and, against all possible common sense, had decided to enter her BMW and drive away. In the process of this ill-advised act, the woman had driven over the foot of said Traffic Service Officer (ouch!). When the officers apprehended this woman, in her BMW, at 4th Street this past Friday, they arrested her, and booked her for assault with a deadly weapon, namely, the BMW.* * * *HairFriday, May 22, 1:50 a.m. A person had called the police and told them that they had seen a man dragging a woman along the street by her hair. The woman was (understandably) screaming. The police attended the scene and very quickly formed the opinion that these two individuals were very, very drunk. In fact, they were apparently so drunk that they were both incapable of explaining, in anything remotely approaching a sentient and lucid fashion, what they were up to. The woman was conveyed to a local hospital and the man was arrested and booked for domestic violence.* * * *LexusSaturday, May 23, 9:52 p.m. Officers who were patrolling in the area of Yorkshire Avenue and Kansas Avenue spotted a vehicle that was being driven very fast, but without having its headlights turned on. They followed this car, a Lexus actually, and in doing so noticed that it was not stopping at stop signs OR traffic lights. Officers “lit up” (turned on the flashing lights fitted to the roof of police cars) in the hope that the driver of the Lexus would see the flashing lights behind him and do the right thing and pull over. They were, sadly, disappointed, because instead of stopping, the driver drove onto the I-405. The officers gave chase and, as is invariably the case, stopped this Lexus at the I-405 and Slauson off-ramp. The driver was arrested and booked for felony evading, parole violation and criminal street gang enhancement. The passenger was arrested and booked for possession of methamphetamine (speed) for the purposes of sales, probation violation and criminal street gang enhancement.

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