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Big Changes On A Small Budget:

(NAPSI)—Redecorating your home may be easier and less expensive than many people realize. You can update your dwelling with a few inexpensive decor changes. Rachel Ashwell is the designer behind Simply Shabby Chic for Target, long considered the destination to find great designed products at a great price. She offers tips and tricks that can update your home’s look without busting the budget.Shine Some Light—Many overhead lighting systems can be expensive and the lighting can be harsh. Try creating ambience with three key points of lighting: Table, desk and floor lamps can create an intimate atmosphere while adding to a room’s decor. You can find lamps to light up any style at Target stores. Candles are also a nice way to add an extra-warm glow. You don’t need a pricey glassed candle—instead, buy a glass votive and replace the candle yourself. See Eye to Eye—Wall art can hide imperfections, add color and complete the look of a room. A good tip is to keep artwork at eye level, which will give the room a warm feeling. Old Is New—Dig through your attic, basement and closets for heirloom pieces. Your grandmother’s forgotten vase or picture frame can add a vintage touch. Antique wind-up clocks are charming and do not require batteries or electricity, plus the ticktock of an antique clock can be quite soothing. Get Out the Paintbrush—One very easy and inexpensive way to update your space is by adding a fresh coat of paint. If you don’t have the time or budget to paint the entire space, select one wall to create as the focal point and paint it with one of the room’s accent colors. Don’t like the look of your floor? Consider painting it with a design. A harlequin pattern of squares would look lovely layered under a textured rug.Breath of Fresh Air—A great money-saving decorating tip is to bring the outdoors in with potted plants and fresh-cut flowers. No need to tidy up your centerpiece. Just let dropped flower petals and leaves linger and incorporate them into the decor. Don’t sweep stragglers off the table straightaway.Let it Shine—Decorative window treatments provide much more than shade. Devote a bit of budget to classic window treatments, which provide a focal point, design and vibrancy to the room. A useful design tip: Extend window treatments from ceiling to floor to add height and drama to a room.Believe In the Beauty of Imperfection—Showcase your personal style by mixing and matching your favorite pieces of anything from dinnerware to bedding. Work within a theme to keep the decor cohesive but accept the eclectic. Easy themes to work in include color, flowers or novelty prints.Mix and Match—Dress up a neutral-hued couch with inexpensive throw pillows or blankets to bring color and texture to your room. For example, you can turn to Target for some wallet-friendly throw pillow designs. Choose tried-and-true themes to keep your choices from looking too hodgepodge.

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