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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Laura WildeMirror Contributing Writer ARIESWatch how you respond to people. It’s important not to say everything you think at the exact moment you think it. You should practice self-censoring. Try to think about how it would feel to hear it and whether or not you would be offended.TAURUSYou are on the brink of discovering several new potential avenues. One brings you right back where you started, one fills in the empty spaces and one flings you far from where you started. You will have many choices in the coming year. Good choices.GEMINISometimes it’s enjoyable. Other times there is nothing worse. You want the best for yourself and everyone else yet you can’t seem to find the right tools to get the job done. If only you weren’t going to need something faster than you can get it.CANCER Repetition makes you yearn for something different, even if it is so different you don’t recognize it. It’s a healthy thing to get out of the groove, even if it’s just for a moment or two. Think bigger picture, bigger changes. Think about success and moving on with your life.LEOYou will find just the right person to handle the job. If you feel like you’re over-reaching check with the one person who will tell you the truth. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do anything. You are capable of much more than you believe you are.VIRGOIf there is a hole in the universe all of your good intentions will have flown right through it, never to be seen again. You might be wondering what’s left? Everything else, of course. Feel lucky that you have been blessed with rare gifts. Use them, don’t lose them.LIBRASometimes things go smoothly. Other times they flip over and fizzle out. You are right in the middle now. You are torn between having things back the way they were and moving into unknown territory with the utterly new. Either way, it won’t be a mistake.SCORPIOYou find it’s less easy to trust people than it used to be. This comes with maturity and experience. You learn by doing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can get it much easier than you realize. The bell has rung and people will be coming soon.SAGITTARIUSThe more you open your mind, the more you will learn. You just need a break. Once you get it, your life is not likely to fall apart again. Of course, that’s easier said than done. You must always be prepared for emergencies. Do not covet what others have. It will make you feel badly. CAPRICORNYou must break from the old way of seeing things and open up your mind to what’s around you. While it seems like it’s the end in many ways, in other ways, it’s just the beginning. Be grateful for friends and family who are there when the going gets tough.AQUARIUSYou really haven’t been fair to someone to whom you owe a great deal. You must rewrite the ending to your story to include those unexpected things that happen when you don’t see them coming. Life is a miracle waiting to happen.PISCESYou are less surprised these days when things go wrong as when they go right. Your life is looking up. Perhaps you won’t be stuck any longer and can focus on the brighter future. You have accomplished much in your life already. Look beyond for the best things.

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