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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Laura WildeMirror Contributing Writer ARIESA misfortune of one leads to a great fortune by another. Things are starting to brighten on the career front. Love front still needs some work, and love back for that matter. You will be forced to deal with someone you loathe on a short term basis.TAURUSYou go back from whence you came this week and solve a long-held conflict. You are also on the rebound from something potentially devastating. Keep your wits about you as you navigate tough times. You can take comfort in humor yet again.GEMINIYour frustration with things you can’t solve reaches a fever pitch. You have to follow certain rules that you don’t really like following. You know how you don’t want to know so you never go looking? It’s best not to go looking. People are cruel. Make peace.CANCER To have a thick skin means shutting off that part of your brain that decides it’s important for you to get approval from others. Once you realize that most people aren’t evolved yet you can let go what they think. Rhino skin!LEOIt isn’t getting you anywhere to keep doing what you’ve been doing the way you’ve been doing it. When you hear yourself say, “well I’ve always done it that way,” that’s just when you should re-direct your course and try something new. You will be amazed at how fast things move.VIRGOJust remember you are the boss. When people try to order you around or to give you too much to handle, try to put your actual needs in front of theirs. Remember, there is nothing wrong with setting and keeping boundaries.LIBRAYou forgot that you had things to do and kind of got caught up in the moment. You have people who will be supportive and people, mostly strangers, who will not. Just remember how important it is to be who you are. No more hiding. Kindness is everywhere.SCORPIOYour instincts are right but you can’t tell the difference, sometimes, between what is a gut instinct and what is a reaction to fear. You must train your brain to think positively. A good deed will spread. If you do just one, you will always be remembered well.SAGITTARIUSThe waiting is the hardest part. Be patient with yourself and at some point you will reap the rewards of all of your hard work. Be more accepting when you hear or witness strange behavior. It isn’t strange bad, it’s strange good. An open mind leads to an open heart.CAPRICORNYou will have to be more open to technology and the ways we are starting to communicate with each other. In many ways, this is a natural progression. You shouldn’t fret when you don’t understand something. Take the time to learn it. It really does broaden your horizons.AQUARIUSJealousy continues to haunt you. Just because you’ve taken a new course and maybe even have a new relationship, little tiny bits of jealousy things pop up here and there. You can’t be everything to everyone. You can’t have all of the love all of the time. Let’s share the spotlight.PISCESYou are doing great things with your time. You are growing in great ways. Yes, there will be occasional setbacks and you will have to work on making everyone less happy without your intervention. Isn’t it nice, though, to have some peace of mind?

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