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Kiehl’s of SM Hosts Sundance Channel Premier:

The path to becoming an organic environmentalist is most commonly started by changing the way we eat. Last week at Kiehl’s of Santa Monica, celebrity Kelly Laplante, owner of and decorator for Organic Interior Design, based in Venice Beach, helped premier a special series being aired on the Sundance channel designed at enlightening the community to the plight of everyday items other than the food we eat. Through educating the public about the harmful effects of fertilizers and pesticides, the Sundance Channel, along with Kelly La Plante and Kiehl’s, are pushing the issue of becoming more organic. Simply buying the specially tagged fruits at the market is not enough. Kelly has redesigned the homes of celebrities such as Michael Rappaport and Amy Smart, helping their bedrooms, countertops, and even their pools to become more environmentally friendly by rethinking the idea of organic interior design. The materials used are organic whenever possible, and the glues and bonding materials are the least caustic available. Kelly recommends changing your mattress and bedding from polyurethane and other chemically treated materials to organic cotton and pesticide free materials. Michael Rappaport changed his pool to a saltwater based pool, keeping hundreds of gallons of chemicals from literally going down the drain. Kielh’s premiered a series that will be airing this month on the Sundance channel entitled “Eco Trip”. The series is dedicated to showing the environmental costs of everyday items. Specifically, this episode was centered on the cotton industry and the production of the t-shirt. The premier was filled with interesting and shocking information about cotton, one of the most environmentally toxic and threatening industries today. Cotton, although responsible for only 3% of the nations farmland, uses 16% of the nations pesticides. It also requires roughly 500 gallons of water to produce one cotton t-shirt. The spread of information like this will help our world become a better place, and Kiehl’s, the Sundance channel, and Organic Interior Design are all working together to achieve that common goal.

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