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Letters to the Editor:

Last Saturday, my wife and I (Santa Monica residents since 1990) attempted to participate in the much ballyhooed “public” opening of the Annenberg Beach House. At approximately 2 pm, the vast lot adjacent to the building was all but empty. We were told by the security guards that the parking was for VIPs only and that handicapped status did not make any difference. So much for the public part of your public opening. We were directed to a public lot next door. It was filled but for one space. The attendant informed us that the parking was $8 (another inviting aspect of your opening public event) but that the parking machine was not giving change. So, having only a $20 bill, attending the public event was now going to cost $20. In frustration, we gave up and went to have coffee in a shop in the City of Los Angeles. I then read about the opening in the Santa Monica Mirror. Sounds like it was fun for the select few who could get there. Undoubtedly, if anyone responds to this email I will be told about the public transportation that was available to make the site accessible. Due to ongoing chemo treatments, using the Big Blue Bus really wasn’t an option. Thank you for another wonderful experience with the civic government of the City of Santa Monica. Jim StangSanta Monica* * * *The Earth is NOT an AshtrayI have been a Santa Monica resident for 6 beautiful years, I Love Santa Monica, but it fascinates me that the local Cigarette smokers use our city as an ashtray, I am pleading with the Cigarette smokers to stop littering which is against the law and if you did not know it takes 10-20 years for the filters to biodegrade, and the filters end up in our oceans and on our beaches, I am not telling you to stop smoking, that is your own choice but please be a responsible conscious smokers. Imagine if people having sex would throw their condoms out on the street when their finished, it is same process with smokers, your pleasure should not be the earths pain. I guess we learned the flicking of the cigarette on to the street by some old Hollywood Film our watching are uncle do it who we looked up to, when we did know any better. So please smokers stop being a Butt Heads and get it together. I dedicate this letter to my neighbors. MMMatthew MuzioSanta Monica, Ca

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