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Letters to the Editor:

To the people of Santa Monica:Thanks to the many people in Santa Monica who came to the assistance of my family on Mother’s day when our son had a febrile seizure at the corner of Third and Arizona. After he had several convulsions while sitting in his stroller, I lifted him and held him helplessly as he passed out. Before I knew what was happening, a man called 911, many people on the street came to our aid, the police and EMTs arrived, he cried (music to our ears), a woman offered a prayer, and we were taken to Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center. He was treated with care every step of the way and soon recovered from this frightening incident. Thank you again.–A thankful mom from NY* * * *Dear Editor,I always enjoy getting the local news from the Santa Monica Mirror but I wish to bring to peoples attention the downside of this light rail idea that is being touted as a good thing for Santa MonicaAs a resident of Santa Monica for 12 years I have seen a gradual degrading of the quality of our downtown, particularly the pier and Third Street Promenade on the weekends.I find that we have a great many “visitors” from out of the area and many of these people do not appear to respect our beautiful city at all. There is litter everywhere, a lot of the younger people are intoxicated, and in reading the “alert police blotter (that section does amuse me, by the way),” it is clear that many of the petty crimes that take place are committed by these “visitors.”Sure, they spend money in private businesses but at what cost to the standard of living to the rest of us? I am wary at the prospect of hundreds of more people arriving from downtown Los Angeles each day to add to what is already a very crowded downtown. I do not want to sound elitist but are the people that will be coming on this light rail the types that are going to be desirable?I propose a rethink to this idea. This “subway to the sea.” is after all Mayer Tony Villa’s pet project, the Mayor of L.A., not the Mayor of Santa Monica.Josie AllowaySanta Monica, Ca* * * *”I am one of the residents that will be affected by the proposed maintenance yard. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing to light the concerns of my neighborhood. While we embrace public transportation, a maintenance yard fifty feet from our front doors is unacceptable, unsafe, unhealthy and unfair. “Thank you! Christine ParraSanta Monica Resident,

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