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Alert: Police Blotter:


Thursday, May 28, 4:45 a.m. Officers of The Santa Monica Police Department were patrolling the 1300 block of Lincoln Boulevard when they came across a man sleeping in a public place, in violation of 4.08.095(a) SMMC- Camping in public. The officers asked this chap his name, to which he replied, “I am John Lennon.” He also gave a date of birth that clearly did not appear correct either. This man then attempted to walk away, but another officer stopped him, and suspecting that he was not John Lennon, the officers used a mobile fingerprint reader, and confirmed that, indeed, he was not the deceased Beatle (or Paul McCartney, for that matter). The suspect was booked at the Santa Monica Police Department for resisting a police officer, providing false information to a police officer, and camping in public, as well as a bench warrant.


Blower versus Hose

Thursday, May 28, 2:30 p.m. Officers received a call regarding an assault with a deadly weapon, so they sped to the scene of the alleged crime, namely the 3100 block of 6th Street. The story goes like this: The victim was in his yard when he saw his neighbor blowing leaves and debris, with his leaf blower, under a fence and into the victim’s yard. The victim subsequently retrieved his hose, and began to use the water jet to send the leaves and debris back from whence it came. The neighbor then walked away to the alley. The victim went indoors to call the police and after hanging up he heard a “click” emanate from the rear area of his yard, so he then looked out of his back door, whereupon he saw the neighbor pointing a handgun at him from the neighbor’s own yard. The police arrived, and the neighbor was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, and receiving stolen property.  Two handguns were booked into evidence, one of which was reported as stolen, hence the stolen property charge.


He Had Eyes For Another

Friday, May 29, 2:30 a.m. Officers went to the 3000 block of Olympic Boulevard in response to a domestic violence report. When they got there they spoke with several people, including the suspect, the victim, and some witnesses. Apparently, the suspect had been with his girlfriend, the victim, whereupon the suspect had begun to “flirt” with another girl (un-gentlemanly, to say the least). This angered the victim, so she followed him through the place of business that they were in so that she could talk with him about this matter. He was not interested, and displayed this lack of interest by pushing her away, so she pushed him back. During this push and shove exchange, the victim somehow received a cut lip. Based upon their enquiries with all of the parties, the officers arrested the boyfriend, and he was later booked for domestic battery and public intoxication.

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