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Alert: Police Blotter Santa Monica:

Once Bitten, (Not) Twice Shy.

Thursday, June 4, 8:05 p.m. Officers of The Santa Monica Police Department went to the 2500 block of Pico Boulevard in order to respond to a request from the victim of a domestic violence incident. When they arrived at the scene, the victim informed the officers that on June 1 of this year, her boyfriend (the suspect) had become frustrated with her, and expressed this state of mind by biting her arm (an odd way of communicating, to say the least). The following day the victim and her boyfriend had engaged in a verbal argument (what a surprise, you might think), during which the victim had spat at her boyfriend (the suspect). Her boyfriend (the suspect) responded to this spitting by slapping her in the face with an open hand. The victim reported both of these incidents on June 4, at which time the officers questioned the boyfriend (the suspect) and arrested him for 273.5PC- Domestic violence.



Don’t Mess With My Hog, Man!

Thursday, June 4, 9:07 p.m. Officers received a radio report of an attempted theft of a motorcycle in the 1100 block of 6th Street. When they arrived they discovered the owner of said motorcycle (the victim) detaining the suspect. What had happened was this: The owner (the victim) of the motorcycle had been informed by a witness that a suspicious person was sitting upon his motorcycle, so, the owner (the victim) went to the underground garage and, indeed, saw this person sitting upon his motorcycle, rocking it from side to side. The victim also noticed that a vinyl motorcycle cover had been removed, and the motorcycle was approximately ten feet from where it had been parked.

The victim placed the suspect under arrest for 10852 VC- Vehicle Tampering, and the officers took him away.



Thursday, June 4, 10:50 a.m. Officers spotted a person whom they suspected of being connected in some way with a homicide that had occurred in 1995. They took this “person of interest” to The Santa Monica Police Department where he was booked for 187(a) PC- Murder. Officers questioned this “person of interest” but decided not to file a formal complaint and subsequently released him.

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