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Cool Gadgets For Dads, Grads This Summer:

(NAPSI)—As the summer approaches, it’s time to show the dads and grads in your life that you’re thinking about them with some cool gadgets.

Whether it’s relaxing indoors to get out of the heat, doing some summer traveling or just connecting with friends—we have some suggestions that will make the season more enjoyable.

Incase Power Slider for iPhone: Right now, the iPhone is taking over the hearts and minds of the gadget-crazy public. Since you can use the iPhone for just about anything these days, the battery life suffers as a result. Incase, which makes some of the best cases for the iPhone, has created a case that includes a built-in battery that doubles the battery life of your iPhone. It’s available at Target for $79.99.

Flip Ultra Camcorder: There are lots of summer moments you’ll want to catch on video, but who wants to lug around a clunky camcorder? For those who still want to catch all the antics of your friends and family without the bulk comes the Flip Ultra. It’s small enough to fit into a purse or a pocket and it records 60 minutes of video. Also, you can plug the Flip Ultra directly into the USB port of your computer to pull the video off. At $149.99, it’s a small price to pay for the hours of fun you’ll have recounting the good times.

MLB 09: The Show: Nothing says summer like baseball, and video games like “The Show” are the next best thing to being there. Exclusively for the PlayStation 3, “MLB 09” is one of the most realistic representations of the game around, from great online multiplayer to a deep franchise mode where you can even negotiate salaries. It’s a grand slam at $59.99.

Sony Noise-Canceling Headphones: If you’re traveling during the summer months, you’ll quickly be reminded that you aren’t the only one. Sony’s noise-canceling headphones, available for $49.99 at Target, allow you to block out distractions and provide a quieter environment to enhance audio entertainment. Plus, these are also great for home when you are trying to blast an action movie or an album without blasting the people around you.

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