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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Work hard, do it all right, place your feet in the correct steps. Walk on. There are no guarantees. Life hands us various difficulties. We can either bat them out of our court or else let them drop. We hate to feel like losers either way.


You know you have people you can count on in the rough times. Still, life seems pretty good right now. All is right with the world in some ways. In other ways, the bottom is dropping out. Hold on tight — you will not falter. Keep your head held high.


Don’t forget how difficult things were in the beginning. And how easy they’ve gotten now. You can figure out these things from the inside out. What you are missing is a certain spice. You can figure things out with the right guidance.


You don’t have to look very far to find hidden treasures. The real gold is very near. It comes from the inside out. Do not let yourself be ruled by hate. Let love rule. You will be the happier for it. Even if it doesn’t feel true at first.


You get a present from someone that is kind of unexpected. It propels you to do greater things than the ones you’ve been doing. Let your conscience be your guide. You can’t lose if you are generous of heart.


Open your eyes. You will surprised to see things in a different way. You can’t imagine how difficult it has been for a certain someone to get their point across to you. You must open your heart and listen carefully. You can judge things more clearly from afar.


You have the best of both worlds if you’d only look. You aren’t going to regret the passage of time as long as you are present of mind. You don’t worry so much about the way things are – just about the way things could be.


Give of yourself in ways you never thought possible. Now is the time to really pull out the stops. It’s going to be rough going for a while. Be prepared for surprises. There are great people surrounding you.


Don’t repeat yourself. It’s more important than ever to be original. Be gracious and kind, especially to your worst enemies. You will be handed a really difficult personal challenge that you’ll have to work through. You may or you may not get through it all without any scratches. Wear defense gear.


You have to be less hostile to people who don’t know you well enough yet to be able to treat you badly. Once they know you they will be more kind to you. You will become connected to people you once knew but have forgotten.


A great escape is waiting for you. You can see it glinting on the horizon. The question is what or how much will you leave behind. You are certain that moving on is what you want. But be prepared to feel nostalgic and to miss people dearly.


You are great at admitting fault when it is your fault. You aren’t so good at playing the angry game. It takes too much energy. You know that forgiveness is the way to go, always. If you hang on to resentment you are being hurt again and again.

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