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Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

My fellow and I realize that Emeritus College, which provides intellectual and creative sustenance to seniors in our community, is experiencing hard financial times.

We urge those who are able, to support the college in all ways possible. And I urge Emeritus administrators to retain the heart and soul of our program – such as the one remaining guitar class taught by Jimmy Cheesman, Mary Pillot’s art class and others too numerous to mention here.

Thank you so much,

Marissa Rubin

Santa Monica, Ca

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Open letter to Councilmember Richard Bloom

Dear Richard Bloom,

PS#1 School in Santa Monica loves breaking the CUP’s on 12th Street. No assembly after 6pm, last night’s assembly went to 8pm, and another amplified event today. Very Bad Neighbors! How did this school get to tear down housing on two residential parcels, get away with repeated “breaking” of CUP’s? In addition to the screaming of children ( we really wonder what the screaming is about) PS#1’s daily mayhem on a 4-6 block grid, STOPPING traffic on Santa Monica Blvd and Broadway, blocking driveways to residents and businesses, double parking? And what about the absurd 6 hours of 15 minute parking! Love that with limited parking throughout Santa Monica- PS#1 has 1/2 a block parking on 12th and more on Euclid even during the summer! We have seen weddings, weekend soccer and basketball adult games to summer sport camps on 12th Street!

PS#1 has properties on Euclid and Broadway that are R3 commercially zoned- let them move these disruptive activities over there. The 12th Street, Euclid, SM Blvd Businesses and Resident invite you to not just stand as a PS#1 guest but walk around our neighborhood and experience what we live with!

Thankfully it is the end of the school year. We can’t wait to see what PS#1 has in store for the neighborhood during the summer!

Stefani Uhler

Santa Monica CA 90401

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