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Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

I was pleasantly surprised to see Dave Quick’s column entitled “Making Friends with Mister Atom.” I never thought I’d see the day that a column such as this appeared in the Santa Monica Mirror.

Mr. Quick makes a thoughtful, and persuasive argument to reconsider nuclear power as part of the United States’ energy mix. Most Americans don’t realize that nuclear power already contributes about 20% of America’s electrical generating capacity. It is a clean, safe and reliable source of producing electricity, and the bonus is that nuclear power is a “homegrown” resource, offering us less dependence on foreign fuel for our nation’s ever-growing energy needs.

Now, if only the Obama administration would have the guts to speak publicly in support of domestic nuclear power.

Laurie Trainor

Los Angeles, Ca

* * * *

Dear Editor,

Coach Paysinger of Beverly Hills has no idea what he’s talking about. First of all there was no “petition” that I personally was ever aware of being circulated. Also, Mr. Paysinger should really do some research before making an irresponsible statement as broad and inaccurate as “the Santa Monica baseball parents will never be happy”.

This varsity team had a winning record in spite of Duron, not because of him. Athletic Director Norm Lacy had a delicate situation to contend with and he did handle it very well. In addition, the complaints I heard lodged against Mr. Duron had nothing to do with “playing time”. If someone wants to know what the real gripes were about this guy, you can talk to me.

(Very Happy) Santa Monica Baseball Parent

Francis Solomita

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