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Alert: Police Blotter: Santa Monica:

Cut It Out!

Tuesday, June 30, 4:45 p.m. Officers went to The American Motel, located at the 1200 block of Lincoln Boulevard because they had received a report of a guy brandishing a knife. When they arrived, these sharp cops noticed a chap that resembled the description of the suspect, so they began chatting with him. As they were talking with this white, 57 year old man, someone else ran up and exclaimed:” That was fast! You guys got him!” This second fellow turned out to be the victim, and explained that the man in question was an employee of the motel and was at work drunk, and so had been asked to leave the premises. The drunken man’s reaction to this request was to refuse to leave, and pull out the knife, threatening to slice the victim. The victim, at that point, had cut to the chase and wisely called the cops. The knife wielder was arrested and booked for threats, brandishing a knife, and public intoxication.

Driving Lessons!

Wednesday, July 1. 9:05 p.m. Officers of The Santa Monica Police Department were on patrol in the area of the 2600 block of Barnard Way, when they saw a Nissan Sentra (a popular economy automobile) cross the double yellow lines and head directly towards two people who were standing near to the sidewalk. This car, driven by a 38-year-old white woman, stopped just before it was about to hit the curb. The officers decided to inform this woman that she was on the wrong side of the street, and her reaction to that was not to thank them politely, but to start yelling at them! The two people at whom this woman had aimed the Nissan then informed the officers that this woman had made attempts to run them over, prior to the cops arrival, by driving up onto the curb and across a grassy area towards them. These two people also relayed that during that first attempt to run them over, they had leapt out of the way, and at that point the woman driving the Nissan had slammed on her brakes. The officers got hold of this woman, a transient of no fixed abode, it turned out, arrested her, and took her into custody, whereupon she was booked for assault with a deadly weapon.

Yo-Ho-Ho And A Bottle of..?

Thursday, July 2, 10:32 p.m. Officers were called to Von’s (a leading supermarket chain) in order to investigate a possible theft. When they arrived there, the male store security agent informed them, that a man had entered the store and was seen to put a bottle of alcoholic beverage (it is not known whether this was Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, Rum or any other spirit) and inserted it into his waistband. He then proceeded to put other items into a cart, and walk around the store, pretending to shop like a normal person. He then went to the checkout to pay for the goods in the cart, but was not successful because his credit card was declined (surprised?). He then left the store, but with the bottle of alcohol still in his waistband. He was stopped and apprehended outside the store by the store security agent, and the alcohol recovered. This guy, a 50-year-old transient fellow, was taken to Santa Monica jail and booked for commercial burglary.

Something Fishy Going On!

Saturday, July 4, 6:25 p.m. Here’s the scenario: Independence Day, the beach, the 2600 block of the beach to be precise, people having a good time, swimming and paddling in the ocean on a beautiful day. As people were enjoying the water, something odd was occurring under the surface. Some people had felt their legs and arms being touched, and noticed a Latino man swimming around them, evidently performing these unsolicited touchings. One young girl, aged about 14 or 15 years old, had then had her bathing suit bottoms tugged down by this guy. The older sister of this victim had confronted this unwelcome underwater visitor, at which point the guy ran off in a southerly direction along the beach. The cops got him however, and this 31-year-old male was arrested, and booked for lewd acts upon a minor 14 or 15 years old, juvenile annoyance for sexual purposes, and assault and battery.


The Santa Monica Arson Task Force is seeking the public’s assistance with the investigation of a series of arsons to parked vehicles. The Santa Monica Arson Task Force, comprised of Santa Monica Fire and Police Personnel, is conducting a comprehensive investigation. There are no suspects at this time.

The arsons have occurred on the following dates, vehicles and locations:

June 30 1989 Toyota Van 1600 Stanford

July 1 2001 Suzuki Sidekick 1600 Stanford

July 1 1989 Volvo Sedan 1500 Yale

July 6 2005 Mercedes Station Wagon 1700 Franklin

July 6 1990 Mercedes 1700 Franklin

If you have any information regarding the person(s) involved in this crime or any other arson you are strongly urged to call Detective Heric at 310-458-8410, Sergeant Trisler at 310-458-8471, or the Watch Commander at 310-458-8426.

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