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Farmers’ Market Report: Meet Your Farmer:

Who:  PY Pudwill of Pudwill Berry Farms.  PY and her husband, Randy, have been farming for 18 years.  Randy’s father started the farm thirty years ago.  PY was a city girl from North Korea who moved to small town Grover Beach in 1979 after she finished high school and never imagined she would end up a farmer. In 1993 PY started selling Pudwill’s berries at Farmers Markets while Randy worked on the farm.  PY loves being at Farmers Markets and you can find Pudwill Farms at all four Santa Monica Farmers Markets.

 Where: Pudwill Farms is located on 60 acres in Nipomo, CA. 

 What:  Pudwill grows over twenty varieties of berries as well as apples and figs.  Pudwill grows berries year round because Randy has figured out which varieties of berries grow best during each season.  In November through March the berries are grown in hoop houses to protect them from colder weather.  In season right now at Pudwill’s stand you will find red and golden raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and figs.  If for some reason you don’t eat your berries right away after buying them, the best way to store them is to line a container with paper towels, lay the berries in a single layer, cover the container and keep them in the fridge.  Do not wash your berries until you are going to eat them.

 Why:  PY is proud of her family farm.  She loves going to Farmers Markets and loves seeing customers enjoy her berries year after year.  PY is always happy to tell you which berries are sweetest that day.  PY’s favorite berry is the golden raspberry – they are in season right now so be sure to try them!

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