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Hazardous Weather Report:

There will be a higher than normal surf on the southwest beaches Thursday through Sunday caused by a swell from the central south west Pacific near Tahiti. The swell will arrive on Thursday afternoon, build through the night, and peak Friday night into Saturday.  Waves will be in the 15 to 18 second range by Friday and are expected to be five to eight feet, with a few sets above ten feet on Friday.  Rip current potential will be high during this time on both south and west facing beaches. 

Astronomical high tides will be expected during Thursday afternoon through Sunday that could potentially cause flooding along the beaches of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, specifically the Long Beach Peninsula and the coast of Malibu. A coastal flood warning will most likely be made in the next forty-eight hours.   A 6.6-foot high tide is expected at the Los Angeles Harbor at 10:50 p.m. on Thursday, a five-foot high tide is predicted on Friday at 12:10 p.m., and heights will gradually decrease throughout the weekend but will remain in the five to six foot ranges.

There will also be very high temperatures expected inland Thursday through Tuesday that could be hazardous for anyone outdoors or without air conditioning.   The heat wave will move across inland mountains, interior valley, and desert areas.  There will be a heightened risk of fires because of the hot and dry conditions. 

 *All information courtesy of NOAA 

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