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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You feel lucky that things have taken such a positive turn lately.That shouldn’t make you feel too comfortable or complacent. It’s essential that you remember your roots. In matters of the heart, honesty is the best thing you can give. Your current plans are much too busy. You need to scale way back.


You think that things have changed a lot but really, nothing has. This is putting you at a great disadvantage. You don’t have the freedoms you once had but you definitely have more choices. You get a little, give a little. Don’t forget to say thank you.


The horizon is wide open. Your old friend has decided to kick up some trouble. Remains of the past still linger. You’ll need to do some pysche-cleansing in order to start with a clean slate. Just remember the old days are long gone. You’re not that person anymore.


There are games being played. You want to win but the rules keep changing. Keep in mind your opponent’s desires. It’s easier to switch tactics when the fight is afoot than it is to back off after it’s gone too far. Good luck working out a conflict with a co-worker and mind your anger when you’re out in public.


You’ve proven your leadership skills in a variety of ways of late. This should give you the confidence you need to go for that job or that role you’ve been coveting. You can also sit back and rest on your laurels for a while; you’ve earned it. You are greatly admired by all.


It’s better to keep going at a slower pace than it is to rush things. Spend some time feeling the time, minute by minute, rather than letting it evaporate one worry at a time. There is no time like the moment you’re in and the future is always unpredictable. Worrying wastes energy and valuable resources.


You get what you give. You’re learning this lesson this week. The more you put out, the more you get back, the more you are rewarded. Good deeds and helpful advice fuel your friendship with others. Pace yourself, especially in matters of finance.


Just because you have it doesn’t mean you still need it. It came into your life when you really felt like it was a great reward. Now it feels like something extra and unnecessary. It’s okay to get rid of it. Face the things you most fear.


You can’t keep up with all that’s going on lately. There are so many people making great changes, so many others who never want to change. You are kind of caught in the middle. When you need to go, go. When you can stay behind and help out, you’ll be greatly appreciated.


Someone wants back into your inner circle. The trouble is, they can’t stop being annoying long enough to become desirable. You want to tell them to stop calling and bugging but you don’t have the heart. Your silence will be a clear message. No worries on that score.


You are wasting precious time trying to “fix” someone. You really can’t be the one to make them change; they either will or they won’t but there isn’t a lot you can do about it. You are glad things have calmed down but they’re likely to flare back up if you re-engage.


You must learn how to be more gracious and more firm with your instinctual impulses. If you set clear boundaries for yourself you won’t find yourself in situations you can only just tolerate. That is when the cruelty comes out – but the truth is, you just need to be more clear and you won’t have to be cruel.

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