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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Take from the glass only what you need. If you start to devour the contents it will make you feel sick immediately afterwards. Have faith that you take what’s good for you and you leave the rest. You don’t understand how people can bear it. You don’t understand endurance.


The rules don’t always apply specifically to you. There are ways around things, ways that don’t frustrate you to the point where you can’t tolerate even the simple things. Or the simple people. Be aware of what goes in and what goes out. Be aware of how much unnecessary stuff is consumed.


You are relieved to discover that, sooner or later, it’s all going to come to a screeching halt. You realize that, after all is said and done, you need help. You need someone to aid you in the day to day operations and you need someone to inspire you for the long haul.


Discovery is a beautiful thing. You aren’t sure whether you’ve gotten what you bargained for or whether you’re making the same mistakes over and over again. Sometimes it feels like it’s just a drag to be young – hearing the same rules, the same lessons. But sometimes it seems like there was never a better time.


We chase our dreams at a high cost. When they become unrealistic or unhealthy what good are they really? Remember, fight the urge to always have happiness. Fight the urge to satisfy every whim. It might be what we’re being sold but it isn’t the best way to discover real life.


You can’t understand lately why people seem to be mistaking what you’ve been saying, believing that you don’t have the best intentions. Perhaps your mood is seeping out and it’s betraying how you really feel. Be straight and don’t sugar coat it.


A long journey awaits. Whether you will get to it or not is another story. You must steel up for what’s coming next. Inner strength will carry you far. Your weakness will not. A beautiful lie sounds appealing. But a momentary happiness can’t really satisfy your deeper needs.


You can’t get things the right way around. Sometimes it’s the wrong way that will take you where you want to go. Be willing to let go. Be willing to be really, really wrong. Your plans won’t be thwarted. Your genius won’t be undercut. Free yourself. Express yourself.


How well do you know people? How well do they know you? Before you start giving out vital information, make sure you know whom is on your side and who stands to gain if something bad happens to you. That means you must really mind your confidences.


Mostly it’s been a productive week. But you can’t always tell at the beginning of the day if it is going to be the same as it was before. You have pressing matters also that can’t wait. Only you know to spill the beans, when and to whom. Don’t spill it before it’s ready.


You can’t count on others to make you happy. You have to rely on yourself only. That means that what you are feeling and how you are feeling comes from the inside out, not the outside in. This makes a difference in all sorts of ways — you can’t figure it out yet but you just have to make sure you are on the right side.


You realized at the end of a long and bizarre relationship that you are probably going about things in a harsher way than is necessary. This part of yourself must be controlled, figured out and fixed. You don’t have complete license to say whatever you want. You must be more generous, less judgmental.

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