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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Imagine things slightly differently. You aren’t where you feel trapped but are out in a field of wide open possibilities. Where would you go from here? You are ready to start growing things. Your generosity is so welcomed.


You haven’t fought this hard for something in a long time. Watch how fast it can all change. Make that list now and start going through it. You don’t have as much time as you thought you did. Be wise and hopeful. Be happy and open to new ideas.


You aren’t sure when it happened but at some point stuff started to change. You are almost ready to get rid of that extra baggage. And you have to ask yourself why you’ve been holding on to it for so long. It’s an exciting time for you to move forward.


Believe in what you have or else you will lose what you hold most dear. Stick to the plan and see what happens. Fear is a state of mind, ever-changeable. People are also able to be convinced and it’s easier than you think. Don’t worry too much about stuff you can’t control.


A story needs to be told. Don’t fret that this can’t be altered. You have some interesting found truths and those can be shared. You are nothing but productive lately, work, creativity, love – it’s all coming back in great ways and pouring out.


Imagine that what you want is what you already have. If you keep your heart receptive you can let in those who have been previously banned. Get ready to notice the positive changes. You don’t need to take that crap, by the way, you can stand up for yourself.


You’ve paid a price and you’re not ready to make nice. It isn’t healthy to carry around that much bitterness. But it is beneficial to not shove down your own anger. It is a natural element to the human experience, thus you are entitled. It is how you react to that anger, though, that makes the difference.


You know nothing changes unless you nudge it. You will be given several clues – don’t ignore them or brush them off. You should be taking messages seriously now. It is crucial that you keep an even keel and not lose the winning streak.


It is far too easy to settle into patterns. It is too easy to accept that things aren’t ever going to work out. Your decision to reject your history and start anew is the right path to take. There are so many people who want you to stay the same but your road to happiness will require more.


A bright star heads into your orbit. At the same time you get confused about what it all means. You can talk yourself into anything. You can also convince others of just about anything. The more you let things go the harder they will be to get back.


You are getting great feedback but you are still worried about how things will play out in the coming months. It might seem like everything is set in stone – we all know that isn’t true, not completely. Once you start to count on something or someone you know that’s when it’s time to worry.


You are starting a new life today. Don’t wait for ducks to get in a row. Act today. Act now. Do something difficult. Feel it. Do not be weak now. Let’s see how much this confidence changes things in your life. You have people rooting for you – lean on them too. Good luck!

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