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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


There have been so many mixed messages lately you are start to doubt whether there is anyone left you can trust. If you fill up your head space with meaningless drivel, at some point you will lose perspective. There is a language we all speak.


You get brownie points for making it through the toughest times, and for not completely losing your mind when you were cornered. Progress isn’t something you can check off of a list; it is something that you cultivate slowly and patiently. The results will be seen eventually.


Strange days indeed. Sometimes you don’t even recognize yourself anymore. You haven’t worked yourself into a frenzy yet so maybe you are feeling out of sorts. Remember to always monitor how your health is. Don’t rest for too long unless necessary.


You might have to start getting tough, especially if it means you will come up short. You feel some panic right now as all of the loose ends have yet to be tied. You can’t understand why people have difficulties with things you find easy. Luck of the draw.


You’ve hit harder times than usual of late but fear not. Good things will break through eventually. So much to do just to feel secure that you can’t really believe it’s all happening this way. You worry that there might not be enough to go around.


Your plans might have to be put on hold as you straighten things out. On the one hand, time won’t wait for you. On the other hand, why do you worry about stuff you cant control? Worrying is only going to prolong the inevitable. Happiness will invade your thoughts.


You have been worrying lately that you can’t make things happen right. You try at some things and then fail miserably. Signs are pointing you to not go through with something upcoming. Will you ignore those signs? At the last minute something convinces you completely.


Think twice before engaging in a public fight with someone. A second thought might prevent you for losing respect from your peers. You get a second chance and don’t want to blow it. A loved one asks you for a favor and you can’t refuse.


You feel great frustration that you can’t pull something through. Why does it always happen this way? You worry that not everything is going to go right this time around and that you will be needing more than you can give.


It’s payback time. You aren’t quite in an emergency situation but you’re very nearly there. It’s more important to remain calm and keep yourself well-balanced than it is to come out the winner. Remember it’s not so much about speed but about security.


Just when you think you have it all planned out, something comes along and throws a kink in the works. It’s always better to be a few steps ahead of the game than to be far behind without any awareness of where it’s all going. You get some mixed messages from a business interest.


You need to toughen up. Your guilt is preventing you from pulling out the stops and using your full power. You have to be mean about things and you have to demand respect. You deserve it, after all, and you should be getting it. Bitterness, though, breaks down the psyche. Learn to let go too.

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