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Letters To The Editor:

Dear Editor:

Many thanks to the Board and members of the Ocean Park Association for organizing the third Annual July 4th Parade. This was truly a community event made possible by financial support from the city, local business, and non profit sponsors and of course, our generous volunteers from Ocean Park Association, Friends of Sunset Park, Wilshire Montana Neighborhood Coalition, and North of Montana Association. It wouldn’t be a parade without the participation of the youth, community service, schools, clubs, and individuals willing to organize, decorate and march in a celebration of our country’s birthday. Our Grand Marshal, Chief Hone of the Fire Department, looked grand in the classic red Chevy convertible followed by examples of the Fire Department’s ability to respond quickly – a fire engine and rescue vehicle. The former and current mayors and City Council added to the festivities and showed a real dedication to sustainability by riding in electric cars generously provided by the Neighborhood Electric Vehicle Club or Segways. Big Blue Bus joined the environmentally conscious parade with an LNG Bus later used to shuttle marchers back to the Civic Center parking garage. The Police provided a mounted color guard and mounted patrol on the best horses this side of Pasadena. Most participants relied on bike and foot power, the ultimate environmental statement.

The sense of community coming together in shared pride and joy in our country, city, and neighborhoods was felt by marchers and spectators alike. It was heart warming to see families, friends and neighbors line the route and cheer on the participants as they passed. As life becomes even busier and driving and biking around the city more frustrating, sharing a sense of community with other residents is a rare and needed tonic enjoyed by all. We hope you enjoyed the parade and will support us with your presence again next year. We at the Ocean Park Association love to organize events that bring us together and remind us that we, the residents, are the city and it is our spirit that makes it so unique in this imperfect world we share.

Mary Marlow

President Ocean Park Association

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