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Tips On Planning A Honeymoon To Remember:

(NAPS)—Experts say planning and preparation are the keys to creating a memorable honeymoon. Just make sure the planning process is as relaxing and stress- free as the honeymoon itself.

To help with your planning, here are some tips:

• Begin early and share the planning. To ensure that both parties enjoy the honeymoon, they should consider making all the decisions together.

• Pick your paradise. Selecting the destination for the honeymoon can be a real challenge. ASTA—the American Society of Travel Agents—travel agents suggest the following method: First decide what type of vacation (all-inclusive resort, cruise, adventure vacation, cultural trip) you want and then narrow down the list of destinations accordingly.

• Make time for yourselves. Pad the honeymoon schedule with generous amounts of free time. Plan a few enjoyable activities and leave lots of opportunities to just enjoy each other’s company.

• Set a tentative budget. Talk about expectations and priorities from the very beginning and decide what you want to splurge on and where you can cut corners.

• Splurge on accommodations. No matter what type of vacation package a couple chooses, they will spend an enormous amount of time in their room or cabin. This is not a place to cut corners.

• Brides—use your maiden name. Unless a couple is planning on taking a delayed honeymoon, the bride won’t have time to change the name on her passport and driver’s license. She should use her maiden name on visas and airline tickets, so they match as it appears on official documents.

• Leave it to a professional. For stress-free travel plans—especially those with multiple steps such as a honeymoon—seek out the expert advice of a travel agent who specializes in planning honeymoons. You can save money as well as time, two enormous factors for a couple trying to plan a wedding and a honeymoon simultaneously.

According to ASTA President and Chair Chris Russo, “Whether it’s a Caribbean cruise, relaxing at an all-inclusive resort or taking in the wonders of Paris, there is a travel specialist for every destination and type of travel imaginable who can ensure that your honeymoon is memorable for the right reasons.”

ASTA is the world’s largest association of travel professionals. It is also the leading advocate for travel agents, the travel industry and the traveling public.

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