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Water Safety Suggestions:

(NAPSI)—If you ask most kids what they are looking forward to doing this summer, chances are it has something to do with water.

From days at the beach or local public pool to running through the sprinkler or tossing water balloons, summer equals a splashing good time. Indeed, few things beat a good dip in the water in the summer heat, but amid the laughter and smiles, it is important to be aware of the outdoor summertime risks. Whether it is preventing sunburn or the possible infection in open wounds, be sure you are taking the proper steps to care for your kids and keep them safe this summer.

Safety Tips

The National Safety Council suggests that you always keep an eye on your kids if you’re visiting a public pool or water park, follow posted safety precautions, use approved personal flotation devices and have a first-aid kit and emergency contacts handy.

Pack Properly

Most people have no problem remembering to pack sunscreen, but remember, even the smallest cuts can easily become infected if not cared for correctly. The new Band-Aid® Brand plus Antibiotic Waterproof is a convenient one-step infection protection that includes antibiotic ointment on the bandage pad, healing wounds faster than with only a bandage, and it is 100 percent waterproof. It prevents infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns and helps minimize the appearance of scars, all while allowing kids to be kids.

So when you are preparing for a day of summer fun, be sure to pack the following:

•         Band-Aid® Brand plus Antibiotic Waterproof (prevent infection of minor cuts and scrapes)

•                  Sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 (apply liberally and often throughout the day)

•         Insect repellent (keep the mosquitoes away)

•                  Calamine lotion (to relieve itching from insect bites)

•                  Eyedrops (to soothe itching or burning from salt, water, sand, or pool chemicals)

•                  Tweezers (to remove any splinters).

Learn More

For more information on how to prepare yourself for whatever life throws your way, visit or

Packing with safety in mind can help keep your family’s day by the water smooth sailing.

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