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Alert: Police Blotter: Santa Monica:

We Need A Cab!

Wednesday, July 22, 5:00 a.m. Officers were called to attend the 200 block of  Colorado Boulevard, in order to investigate  a report of a robbery. Upon arrival, the officers discovered that the victim and two witnesses had been walking westbound,  while a vehicle containing the suspects had been heading eastbound , but had stopped a short distance from the victim and witnesses. Three suspects had then got out of this vehicle and approached the victim. The suspects had then told the victim that they needed some money for a taxi. The victim, who, at that time had been unaware that these guys had in fact arrived in a vehicle, removed his wallet in order to assist these fellows  (what a kind, compassionate chap he was!). But then, the suspects revealed their true motive by suddenly grabbing the wallet from the victim, and running back to the waiting vehicle where the driver was ready to roll, and roll they did, but not until the victim had visually obtained partial knowledge of the license plate number of their vehicle. The police subsequently put an end to the suspects rolling by conducting a traffic stop, and arresting all four scoundrels. This group of  highway robbers consisted of  four Latino men, two aged 19, one aged 20, and the fourth aged 29. They were all booked for robbery.



The Laughing Gnome?

Thursday, July 23, 9:25 p.m. Officers went to Third Street Promenade because the following strange event had taken place: A suspect had approached a woman and proceeded to kick her in the butt for no apparent reason. This odd fellow then skipped away whilst all the time laughing (like a gnome, perhaps?)! This man then took it upon himself to return to the area, and decided to cheekily kick a second person in the buttocks, again, for no apparent reason. Officers located this buttock-kicking-obsessed-individual  in the 300 block of Arizona Avenue, and arrested him. This African-American male, aged 24, was later booked for assault and battery.



Hair Of The Dog?

Saturday, July 25, 8:30 a.m. Officers were taking a morning drive in the area of Walgrove  Avenue and Dewey Street when they saw a vehicle traveling northbound,  that then  proceeded to strike the center divider, and keep moving. The officers did a quick u-turn (lights Dano?), and followed this vehicle a short distance before stopping it at 21st Street and Navy Avenue. The officers noticed that the driver smelled of alcohol (at 8:30 in the morning?), so they conducted a test that involved a series of balance and co-ordination exercises. The guy flunked them. He, a white male, aged 54 and a resident of Santa Monica, was arrested for driving whilst impaired.

 Four Guys And A Fight!

Sunday, July 26, 1:55 a.m. Officers went to the 1300 block of Santa Monica Boulevard because they had heard that there was a fight taking place. When they arrived they were directed to the rear parking lot, where the fight was taking place, and witnessed four guys going at it with each other. The officers made initial attempts to stop this battle, but these guys just kept on fighting. A little while later the fight did conclude, whereupon all four of these guys, a male Latino aged 22 of Los Angeles, a male Latino, aged 23, of Los Angeles, a male latino, aged 26, of La Puente, and a male latino, aged 27, of West Covina were  arrested, and booked for fighting in public. I suppose, they were all losers on this occasion.

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