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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Consider this: you have moved forward in ways you can’t even begin to notice right now. Don’t resent those who hold you to your commitments. Don’t make them if you can’t keep them. Also, it isn’t going to be that easy, getting out of the predicament you find yourself in. Be happy that nothing ever got loose.


A little joyful thing walks into your life quite unexpectedly. You are unable to resist the charms of this. And you shouldn’t even bother trying. Accept the goodness where you find it and relinquish the need to have things always be the same. You find that something you dearly loved has returned, just not in the traditional way.


Another round of tit for tat and maybe now you can be even? You feel like you’ve been pushed back and you feel like you need to retaliate. But you have to wonder whether or not this can be possible in the current climate. All good things make you worried that they will be taken away. But you can be happy even still.


All the while you’ve been holding something significant back. You’ll have to find more than one way to skin that potato. It’s a time to rethink your whole strategy and come up with something really new and really wild. Think way outside the box. In another few days everything will be realized.


If only you’d known going in how easy it would be and how hard it would be to come back out. Don’t regret what you’ve gone through. Understand that you need to go through that in order to be free. You feel frustration with the hand-holding you’re having to do and wish that you could just move forward.


You confront someone who isn’t easily swayed and has a hissy fit as a result. This is making you sort of crazy – why can’t people be more flexible, less rigid? Still, you have to work with what you have. Look around at all that you’ve got. Make the most it. Don’t get caught up in the petty details.


Some people get away with it, others have to pay dearly. Listen to your favorite people when seeking advice. Do what works for you and discard the rest. Just remember, there is no easy answer; there is no quick fix. It is hard and takes work. Sweat yourself silly and then come out the other side.


The world has given you much to work with. Use the lemons and make something delicious other than the obvious. An old flame bursts back into your life. Make it really count this time by saying everything you always wanted to say. It’s a new day and you are a new you.


Your faith will bring you forward, especially when you are ready to step back. You have never really needed to be out of the game while, at the same time, not quite ready to unplug. At some point something will force you to move one way or another. Once you stop profiting from what you’re doing, then you’ll know it’s time to walk away.


You feel excitement about what’s coming up. You worry that you can’t quite make things balance the way they need to, not financially or otherwise. This is causing you concern and you have to figure out how to get help when you need it, otherwise you risk dangling off the cliff in crisis mode.


You are better now than you’ve ever been. So much has healed over. So much has yet to bloom. Know that you can do whatever you want to do – it is just a matter of thinking broadly and not letting go. Keep your focus like a hawk. Zero in on your heart’s desire. Keep yourself devoted to it 24/7.


Despite what people say and how our culture makes us think, you do get better as you get older. With awareness, though, can come alienation. When you are no longer in the circle of youth, wisdom can take away much of the magic of life. Innocence can be a beautiful thing. Stay a beginner.

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