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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Take a different path when you decide to move forward. You can be derailed by someone with very good intentions. Watch for people who don’t give you a straight answer. You are on your way home for good. Be proud of your contacts.


You feel like you might just go totally insane. But for once you think that you might be on to something truly useful. You knowyour talents are becoming more obvious as time goes by. You aren’t the old you. There is just no way. But the new you is pretty fine indeed.


How many times do you have to draw the same picture. You have been as clear as a person could be. It isn’t your fault that no one is listening to what you are saying. In many ways, people hear only what they want to hear. Finally, there is much to be given up in this day and age.


You feel kind of lucky that you didn’t have to give up everything to prepare for what’s coming next. You will be greeted with dozens of surprises. You start losing things and you won’t find them until a deeper question is answered. A conflic arises that is too much to deal with at the moment.


You have a whole bunch of people to share the great moments with now. You should not focus so hard on just the one person. Remember, love comes in bursts. You want to grab hold of it while you can, with as much as you can, until you can’t breathe.


A bright future is ahead if you continue to focus on the necessary things. Open your mind to the possibilities. Remember how much goes right before you start worrying about what can go wrong. Chaos abounds. Your gifts, which you have with you now, are only going to be better the more honest you become. Don’t hold on to what was in the past and the person you used to be.


Figure on things getting worse with a particular person before they get better. Just know that you think things are easy but in fact they become harder and harder once you really see how hard it’s going to be. Fight for every dollar.


Another day you might have done something different to alter your final course. You think about this as you make decisions. One little change and everything changes. Pass on a good piece of medical advice to someone who needs it. Save the valuables in a fire-proof place.


You have your share of conflicts lately, control your temper, perhaps it’s best to just not say anything at all. Walk away, take a bath, take a deep breath, but whatever you do, don’t give yourself the opportunity to say something you’ll regret.


You feel more loneliness deep down that you can’t fight anymore. It occupies your daily thoughts and you know you have to do something about it sooner or later. We aren’t really meant to be isolated. It does funny things to us. We need contact with others in all ways.


You continue to miss people who have been gone too long, or have left your life permanently. You must find people who will fill up the empty space as well. That will make you feel better. And right now, what you need is to feel better.


It’s time for you to start believing in yourself. You are allowed to grow old. You are allowed to change. You are allowed to believe in good things like love and happiness. Maybe it’s time you let go of the things that have made your life so painful in the past few years. Just let go.

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