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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Fixtures in your life give you the illusion that things are on solid ground. They are but they are in need of fortification. You can do that by first seeing the truth and then taking action. What others think you should do may not be the best thing to do.


In another lifetime this would all be easy. The way things are set up now, it’s a wonder you can get anything done. You are grateful for the moments of freedom you can steal away. You feel a door slamming and another creaking open. This too shall pass. The coin will flip.


The strength you find in the support of family lately is astounding. Family can be described in many different ways, of course, but it is your tribe that gets you through the tough times. You will be challenged, provoked, soothed and confronted. Your wits are your best weapon.


Dread comes on powerfully. There is no way to really push it back, especially when you feel like these are forces beyond your control. It’s a good thing you have several different safe havens to rely upon. Just be careful how you react to people looking for a reaction.


You feel some anxiety in your heart lately, like something you desperately wanted is gone forever. It’s true that it is gone, in a way. But you have to ask yourself how free do you want to be? What is it you have to leave behind in seeking freedom.


A bright star shines your way. For a time you feel like the lid has been pulled off by the light and that you have an equal amount of light pouring out to the world. You do have it but it is behind your eyes. Others are drawn to it. All you have to do is open your eyes.


You get a second chance to see how things might have been if you hadn’t made the choices you’ve been making lately. But you might decide that you can discard that backwards desire, that what you have now more than suffices. You are the beauty of it all.


You can give it as well as you can take it. Watch how you approach certain people and what sort of tone you take. You might say the wrong thing and set someone off. Many people around you right now are like lit matches and anything can set them off. Tread lightly.


You are proud of yourself for getting done many things on your list. Some of it is luck. Some of it patience. Some of it is the aid of friends and good people. You can play your luck too – you might come out a winner. Just don’t bet too much.


With each new day you’re discovering a little bit more about the world. This is especially helpful when you’re going somewhere and you have to learn about that place. Better late than never, that’s what you tell yourself. And you’d be right about that.


Take your time in the coming months where big decisions are concerned. Don’t rush, especially when someone else is rushing for you and getting impatient because you need time to think. You do need time, not just to think but to sort out the complications.


You have come to find that nothing you believed about yourself has come true. But what you have to offer is getting better and better as the days go by. Your intelligence, compassion, humor and joy of life needs to be shared with the world.

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