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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Back up from where you’ve been going. The direction you’ve been taking your life is tangling too much around your feet. You’ll be far better off when things cut away. Lose yourself one night this week. Just forget the rules.


What began as something unforgivable has now morphed into something really strange. Good or bad, it’s hard to say at this stage. You’re fixing things, that’s all that matters. So it’s time, in a sense, to cut your losses and move on.


So many changes happening at once. You have lots of time to get situated with how things are going to be. Be brave and take a giant step forward. You don’t have much to lose at all; in fact, you only have something you’ve always wanted to gain.


Be very afraid of messages with hidden meanings. What people say to you isn’t going to come across as intended. You can read between the lines. You’re getting better at it. The literal meaning says a lot of different things to you right now.


Beauty comes from within. Do not doubt your power and your light. This is a good time to start thinking about cleaning out your organs and your circulatory system. Think: detox and refreshment. Ingest only that which brightens the skin.


You find yourself at odds with people who want to change your mind. It isn’t enough to live and let live. It’s live and make everyone else live like you live. That’s not going to cut it. Take a firm stand and hold your ground.


You give great advice and never take your own good advice. You have the answers to your own problems yet, for some reason, you are put forever on the back-burner while others benefit greatly. Isn’t it time you were your best student?


You feel a bit of heartache inside but you’re not really sure how to mend it. You feel some loss for someone who can’t be replaced. your feel anger, perhaps a little lonely. Those who leave us leave an empty space and it’s never filled. You honor them by remembering.


Be careful whom you let in. You might get burned. You have someone who is becoming too close lately. Certain elements about you attract a certain kind of person. You just have to know which is the right direction. You are taking on too much responsibility right now.


The key is balance in your life. What you’ve been waiting for isn’t coming any time soon. Unfortunately, when we start to believe in fairy tales someone throws the book at us. It isn’t all negative and it isn’t all brightness and light. We learn to love our shades of grey.


Make a splash with your new idea. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it. You own your creativity lately and that has got you on a major high — you must journey forward with this, see where it takes you, and be happy to are able to reinvent yourself so easily.


You have to deal with a difficult personality and you’re not sure how to go about it. The truth is, there isn’t any easy way. All ways are messy and you’ll always be the one sitting there cleaning it all up. On the bright side, once the bad stuff is over with, the good stuff can come back.

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