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Spread Offense Remains Brentwood Weapon:

Josh Amster has graduated, but that doesn’t mean Brentwood School will abandon the spread offense which was so successful for the Eagles’ football team last season.

Brentwood isn’t likely to have another quarterback with Amster’s running ability, but Coach Patrick Brown likes the advantages the offense brings.

“It creates another blocker,” he explained. “Actually, we had it ready to use a year earlier but didn’t use it then. We went to a clinic conducted by Urban Meyer, the Florida coach, and learned how it works.”

Brentwood’s offense was wide open last season and is likely to remain that way. But Brown wants to get a close look at his personnel in early workouts before committing.

He’s flexible enough to change the concept dramatically if necessary. A few years ago Brentwood featured a running attack.

The Eagles have two experienced running backs in Alex Kelln and Ray Nicholson.

Brown says he’ll have to figure out what works best earlier than usual because Brentwood will have only three non-league games before beginning its Alpha League schedule.

Two additional league games have been added with the arrival of Sierra Canyon and Montclair Prep.

“Right now I don’t know much about them,” he said. Of the league rivals he does know, he quickly listed Maranatha as a formidable opponent, followed by Campbell Hall, which has most of last season’s key players back.

Brentwood will open its season with road games against St. Anthony and Rio Hondo Prep. Its home opener will be on Sept. 25 against St. Bernard at 4 p.m.

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