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Alert: Police Blotter: Santa Monica

Shout, Shout, Let It All Out!

Wednesday, September 2, 2:17 p.m. Officers were informed of a disturbance taking place at the 1100 block of Ocean Park Boulevard at the aforementioned time, and so traveled there in their police cars. When they arrived, they noticed a man, that they deemed to be the suspect in this incident, standing outside an apartment complex, and so questioned him. He told them that the doors were locked (that’s normal) and that he wanted to retrieve his backpack that was present in an apartment in this building. The method of gaining entry into this building is what resulted in the police being called. This man, in his infinite wisdom, did not press an entry bell, did not use a cell phone, and did not contact the building manager. No, his chosen method of gaining entry was to simply stand outside and shout at the building repeatedly, at the top of his voice. The officers determined that this man had been drinking (ya think?), and when they requested certain actions from him, he refused to cooperate, grabbed a hand held microphone from one of the cops, tried to physically resist, and basically did everything wrong, under the circumstances. The officers arrested this man, not for being terminally stupid (clearly, not an offence) but for assault on an officer, resisting arrest, and public intoxication. This 33-year-old white male was booked on all three of these charges.

Unenlightened Giveaway.

Wednesday, September 2, 9:25 p.m. Officers were driving around the 2200 block of Pico Boulevard when they saw a vehicle driving without headlights, at a speed estimated to be around 10-15 miles per hour, that at one point almost hit a pedestrian, so they stopped this car forthwith (good, well done)! It did not come as a great surprise to these cops that the driver of this vehicle appeared to have been drinking alcohol to the point of being intoxicated (buzzed, bombed, hooched, juiced, loaded, plastered, ripped, hammered, sloshed, trashed, wasted or wrecked), so quite wisely they had this chap perform a series of balance and coordination tests (walking, heel and toe balance, standing on one leg, touching nose and yoga?) which this guy totally failed, according to the judges (the officers, in this instance). The cops then arrested this white male, aged 28, for driving whilst impaired, subsequently making the roads perhaps a little safer for the citizens that night.

Strange Behavior.

Thursday, September 3, 3:30 p.m. Here’s what happened in the 1400 block of 6th Street on the date and at the time above. A man, namely a white, 46 year old transient, had been flailing his arms around, punching the air and threatening people. This unorthodox behavior caught the attention of a member of the public, who, in turn, alerted the police. The police arrived and began giving this strange fellow some ideas regarding tempering his behavior, but this guy apparently did not want to hear any of these ideas, so the officers moved in so as to detain him. This guy tried to fight back, but clearly misjudged the cops because they imposed their will upon him and dominated, thus arresting him. As they were doing this a couple of guys approached and told the cops that this person had earlier threatened them. The officers whisked him to Santa Monica jail and he was charged with threats, and resisting arrest.

Let’s Talk!

Friday, September 4, 11:10 a.m. Officers received a report of domestic violence at the 1400 block of 11th Street, and so sped there, ostensibly in order to assist a damsel in distress, but when they arrived they discovered a kind of “role reversal” scenario, if you will. What had happened was that a 28-year-old white woman had visited her boyfriend’s house, in order to chat with him about his being out late (“you’re MY boyfriend, MINE you hear!”). This “chat” apparently consisted of the 28-year-old female kicking her boyfriend in the stomach and striking him in the back with a high heel shoe (ouch!). Then the boyfriend ran off, and summoned assistance by yelling, “Help, Help!” The 28-year-old woman was brought to heel by the police, and arrested for inflicting an injury upon a cohabitant.

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