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Edgemar Center For The Arts: Drama And More On Main Street

Edgemar Center for the Arts is, as some may be aware, housed in a fine example of Frank Gehry architecture that is also home to a café, a salon, and some retail establishments as well as an annex of the Museum of Contemporary Art store. This arena of artistic activity offers a wide array of classes and workshops that are geared for actors of all ages and levels, during which actors are encouraged to raise the bar, and work to their full potential. The internationally famous Larry Moss studio, guided by acting coach extraordinaire, Michelle Danner, and a team of immensely talented coaches that includes the brilliant Alexandra Guarnieri, nurture the next generation of actors by offering a creative home to a community of actors with a desire to contribute to the world of storytelling.

One aspect of Edgemar that may well have escaped the attention of the Santa Monica community is the myriad of classes that are available for children. For ages 3-6 years the center offers the Dramatic Play and Fantastical Adventure Hour, where story telling, music & enchanted magical kingdom, where friendship & adventures are the order of the day. This course offers a place where children explore their creativity & dramatic flair, allowing the participants to develop their intellect, symbolic thought, & language skills.

For ages 7-14 the school offers an acting and improvisation course that utilizes interactive exercises, theatre & improvisational games, and scene work. The course focuses upon the principle of creating character, and learning to trust their instincts. The result is that students can build self-confidence, make new friends, and develop independent thinking. Each year Edgemar also offers an exciting junior summer camp that culminates in the students performing in an original play!

Edgemar Theatre Group is a membership theatre company of professional actors, writers, directors and designers founded on May 3, 2008. Edgemar Theatre Group’s goal is to mount both great original and classic plays, and build a bridge from theatre to film.

Edgemar Theatre Group is a group of artists that are passionate and dedicated in sharing their love for the art of live theatre. They are a unified and consistent group of people coming together, creating and producing works of relevance and impact, with the aim of affecting this generation and many to come.

The facility incorporates two theaters, as well as an art gallery, and these theaters have been the setting for some high profile, and award winning productions in recent times, and this trend is set to continue with upcoming performances of “A Night Out” by Harold Pinter, “An Inch of Your Life” by Massimo Pagliaroli, “Present Laughter” by Noel Coward, “Hello Herman” by John Buffalo Mailer and Tennessee William’s “Festival.”

Edgemar Center For The Arts.

2437 Main Street, _Santa Monica.

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