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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

ARIESYou get so involved that you forget where you are and have to do some quick double talk to get back where you belong. Focus not on petty people but on work. Remember that people with bad intentions often feed on people who worry about it. Don’t feed the beast.TAURUSYou feel better now that things are underway. But you are astonished that so far things have gone off mostly without a hitch. Some things really bother you. But you’ve found a way to keep it in check and not fret the small stuff. Listen to someone older and wiser. GEMINIYou should think about giving more than you’re getting lately. It will keep you honest. You will have a lot to give but before you know it it will all be gone. You will be given a big leg up on the industry. You can stay where you are or you can evolve. Perhaps you’ll be moving up without even knowing it. CANCER The question running through your mind is why. Was it too much too soon, was it not enough? You should really try to figure out how it all slipped away and then work on slowing things way down. You are going to have to find a way to control that which is uncontrollable.LEOIt was really a lot less work than you thought it would be. You are busy with other things now and don’t have the time to meditate on stuff you have no real control over. Patience will help if you can muster it. Beat back the demons by visiting some old haunts.VIRGOYou see more victims lately than perpetrators and that is making you more compassionate than usual. The world is full of innocent victims and it is probably the one thing that’s making life harder lately. Find a better way to communicate your ideas to the world. You have much to share.LIBRAYou would do well to have some alone time. It’s contemplation and quiet time you seek so that you can sort things out. Don’t expect the ghosts to vanish all at once. They are still there. They are in dreams and in nightmares. So many monsters, so much beauty.SCORPIOYou can only do what you can do. The best thing anyone can do, though, is to own your stuff and move forward. Put away old baggage, better yet, throw it away. Confrontations are overrated. Avoidance is the best way through this latest problem.SAGITTARIUSYou only have moments before everything changes again. Ask yourself where it all is going and how can you fix it. You are happy and sad about the new, kind of depressed about the old. It’s time to let friends in, to keep them close and lean on them.CAPRICORNIt’s not worth being nervous about what’s to come. It’s only worth being excited. Keep yourself upbeat and chipper. You are playing the game well. The rules have changed but you’re as fierce as ever. Watch the sidelines. Some are coming up faster than you expect.AQUARIUSSuccess can be described in many different ways. There are upsides and downsides and always a fresh way of looking at things. Time is going by and that is the only thing you can say for sure about life. You are fulfilled by a stranger.PISCESYou are being plagued by self-doubt and fear. This isn’t going to help things any. Push forward and don’t be afraid that all is lost. You are in the best position you could be in. Just hold your ground, stand up for yourself and keep your head held high.

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