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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Stay calm and don’t over-react when people start pressing you on certain issues. Don’t worry when people start questioning your motives. Worry less, produce more. It’s going to be a great year. Be careful with how you give advice.


Don’t fret the small stuff. You have a limited amount of time to accomplish your goals. You are so lucky to be where you are, even though it doesn’t feel like it. Your journey leads you to unexpected places and you are just in Act One. Surprises are coming around the corner.


You don’t have the time to really adjust yourself to the world you’ve been plunked down into. You haven’t even started, really, figuring out the rest of your life. This isn’t something that has to be rushed. An old flame tries to re-insert into your life.


Don’t pile too much on. It’s important to separate out work and pleasure. The two shouldn’t mix. Be careful with how things appear. Words and actions can be misconstrued. Begin at the beginning and work backwards. Take a staycation to reconnect with a loved one.


Your health is crying out to be noticed and tended to. Don’t let things go too long or else they will fester. Bad things might happen. It’s becoming better and better, however, professionally. Your personal life could use some home improvement. Get some great tips from someone you admire.


You are good at concentrating but lately something is distracting you. How can you make sure you have all of your ducks in a row? You can have someone spot check your routine. Listen to criticism; it’s good for you.


This is a week for seeing and unseeing. Balance life and work by shifting your priorities. You have to do this or else you will encounter an emergency situation and won’t be ready to handle it. Focus on bringing home the gold.


You have someone you have to deal with who isn’t going away any time soon. Is it better to hold your ground and be mad or is it better to be more diplomatic and extend the olive branch? Don’t worry too much about it as sooner or later the apology will come.


Be grateful for all that you have. You have been going through moments where you aren’t quite sure that you have what you need. More and more stuff is not necessarily the answer. Less stuff is the answer.


Take precautions and be wary of strangers. This is an awkward adjustment you have to make. Give more than take, but take when it’s handed to you. You have many rewards coming your way and luck is with you.


It’s becoming kind of a problem but you are dealing with it in your own way. Stick up for yourself when others criticize you. You aren’t required to take the kind of crap others are willing to dole out. You are in the right this time.


It’s not easy to cover yourself when you are being injured emotionally. You have to be willing to express what you feel inside. You have to be willing to let go. This is a great time for you; ideas will flow freely.

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