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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You are feeling lucky lately and that usually means you take greater risks. But keep in mind that illusions are easy to create; follow-through is always harder. Don’t be too afraid of what is coming next. But be careful not to fall for the wizard’s act.


This has been a dreadful day and week. You must not feel anxiety about what it is you aren’t doing or you are headed for a catastrophe. It’s better for you to take it as it comes and learn to blow things off when you are overloaded. The unimportant “stuff” can wait.


You might feel like you’re last in line but the truth is, you’re right at the front only you don’t completely know it yet. When you tap into your strength and versatility there isn’t anything you can’t do. Remember to be out there, to live it all out loud, with the volume way up.


This has been a challenging time. You find ways of dealing with stressful issues with creativity. You must remember to listen when others give you a compliment. They don’t give them lightly. You must also know when an ulterior motive is at play.


Your presence is greatly appreciated at times like these. You have a way of making everyone feel like everything is okay. The only thing you are missing is someone to do that for you. If you make things happen you will feel the magic working through you.


You can do it all. You are a super being. The only thing preventing you from reaching great heights is your empathy for others who aren’t doing as well. Just remember, you can channel your goodness back their way – pay it forward and pay it backwards.


This is a time for reflection and for making things memorable for the long haul. Think big picture, think the rest of your life, think what matters most. Ignore the small stuff, ignore petty people, ignore inhibiting negativity.


You believe you’ve met your dream match and in many ways you have. Do not push things beyond your limit. You know when things start getting out of control and you have too much to do and no time to do it. Watch out for stress, which will eat at your vital organs.


This is becoming a bigger issue than you intended in the first place. It’s easy for things to blow up, especially when communication is minimal at best. Stay polite and friendly, do not make dramatic waves in any direction – ride the middle.


Beware the fake friends coming in and acting as though they have all of the answers. Even those with good intentions can sometimes warp things to the point where it’s impossible to tell whose motives are what. When in doubt, consider the feelings of others first.


Standards have been lowered systematically over the years to the point where now you wonder if there is any use in your contributions. It’s true you can be overly critical at times, but this is what makes your eye so important in the grand scheme of things.


Don’t be afraid to try new things, even if they are drastic-seeming. You can be your own worst enemy when it comes to fear holding you back – it’s true that fear itself is the scariest thing you’ll encounter. Just breathe deep and go for it.

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