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Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

Kudos to Tom Elias for his astute explanation of why it’s essential to have a health plan for indigent workers in this country. The problem of the uninsured men and women who work in California is monumental. In his article “Obama Must Include Illegals in California Calculations” that appeared in the Santa Monica Mirror this week, Elias refers to the legal and illegal people who visit the hospital ERs to get medical attention and the effect they have on those who are insured.

I can attest to the truth of that from personal experience. I employ a part time housekeeper one day a month. She has no health insurance and very little savings. Recently she injured her hand while cleaning a glass door. Since her wound was bleeding profusely, we went to the nearest ER at a hospital in Marina del Rey. She received 8 stitches in her hand,a tetanus shot and a bill for $2200.

Will the hospital pass on this debt to the insured patients? The answer lies in the hands of Congress to pass a bill with a public option that can cover everyone. Medical insurance is a right, not a privilege.

Trudy Goldman

Marina del Rey

* * * *

Dear Editor,

I have been coming to these pier events for years, and year after year I come because music makes me want to dance. But what I come up against is that these old codgers with their beach chairs come and plant themselves to stake their territory to SIT not DANCE and complain when anyone dances or stands or gets up to move and blocks their view.

While over head, clear as a bell on the stage the word DANCE is highly emphasized with a larger font than any other word in the title.

I think this is a damn shame that those of us who really love the artists and their music are supposed to crawl away in shame to the sidelines, after being insulted, criticized, berated, discredited and humiliated just so we can dance to the joy the music brings us, all because these old codgers in their beach chairs think they deserve to view it as if we were listening to some old 1930’s crooners piano lounge act.

Next year why not be more honest and call it the the twilight old codger in a beach chair series and remove the word DANCE since dancing is so looked down upon by the people who come to these events.

I think next year you should set aside an area that is for beach chairs only and a BIG TV SET for the codgers so they get their view….and NOT allow any chairs up front. leave that space for all the people who came to dance and express themselves thru music up front and center to show the performing artist they love them with movement.

Calling this a DANCE series is a major misrepresentation of what has been going on over the past several years


Venice, CA

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