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Letters to the Editor:

Dear Editor

I am the first print subscriber of the Santa Monica Mirror and have been reading it on the internet and receiving it in hard copy print since its inception.

I live in Fairfield, Iowa and have been a friend and comrade of our Dear Michael Rosenthal since the early 1980’s.

Michael was that unique kind of person who could and would see the best and most powerful in another. This he did for me. True enough he could be critical….but his unique gift, if he gave a hoot for you at all, was to see you – and to cause you to see yourself – as the person he saw; the more powerful person that you were or could be. If you had a success he would say, “Of course you are successful.” His expectation of your success made you WANT to succeed more.

He saw the “Better” in you. And from that vision – I was empowered. There is nothing quite so intoxicating as to meet someone who “Believes in You.” Well Michael Rosenthal did not believe in just anybody. He believed in you if you had the talent and the courage to actualize your talent. If you had those two things he would cheer you on and your life would be enhanced….mostly by your own efforts, to be sure, but also by that unique person who could see your success before even you could.

There are many people today who are living better lives because they had the unique good fortune to meet and know and “be believed in” by Michael Rosenthal.

I am one of those fortunate people. I am one of those who loved Michael Rosenthal because he dared me in the most loving way to be my better self.

You my friend, Michael, were – and are – a Prince among men.

I salute you and love you still.

And I will always seek to live up to your expectations for me – to be my better self.

Love to you my friend,

Michael McKay

* * * *

Staff Remembrances of Michael Rosenthal, Publisher and Founder

Vibrant communities spawn vibrant community newspapers, or is it the other way around? It is probably some of both. Michael was adamant that the Mirror focus upon the lives of our local citizens, glory and goofs. He loved our city and the first decade of the Mirror was partner to something of a cultural renaissance in Santa Monica (e.g. a new performing arts center, American Cinematheque, the growth of Bergamont Station). Michael was forward looking, but already ill earlier this year he allowed himself a brief look back at the Mirror’s first decade with the comforting observation that he was, “…grateful for what we have been able to accomplish.”

Dave Quick

For Michael, the Mirror was all about community service. It was important to him that the paper be a forum where any person in the community could exchange ideas and express themselves. Early on, Michael, a true Renaissance man, took a lot of pictures and had a business column. In his Publisher’s Notebook he told it like he saw it, and was never concerned about expressing a strong opinion that some may not agree with. He was the heart of the Mirror. He still remains in our hearts.

Laurie Rosenthal

When the Santa Monica Outlook went out of business the city was left without a quality newspaper. But Michael Rosenthal stepped up and eliminated that problem. The man’s passion was evident, and as a writer observing the scene I respected the fact he didn’t cut corners with the editorial product.Later I was privileged to join the operation. Thank you, Michael, for everything you’ve been to Santa Monica and to your staff.

– Mitch Chortkoff

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