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Letters To The Editor:

Open Letter to Mayor Genser, Council Members, and Manager Ewell:

Dear Mayor Genser, Council Members, and Manager Ewell;

Now that the water quality around the pier has risen to a usual “B”from an “F”, please reconsider your decision to attack the pigeons living there.

Presumably, the city’s agreement with Bird Busters could be modified to allow Santa Monica to switch to one of their less damaging products; the birds could be deterred from re-nesting there, rather than assaulted. Why not try:

Audio / Visual Bird Deterrents and Bird Scare Devices like their Firefly Bird Flapper / Flight Diverter, Holographic / Iridescent Guardian Owl & Repel Strips, Scare Eye Flags (octopus) & Bird Scare Flash Tape, Bird Scare Eye Balloons, Screech Owl, BirdGard Electronic Bird Repeller,Cry Of The Hawk Tape, Bird Wailer, Bird Squawker Bird Scarer, Avian Dissuader, or Dead Goose Decoy ?

With an L.A. County health inspection score of “B” and lower, we are all expected to keep eating at restaurants. Sure the water quality “B” score is from a different system, but does it really require such a draconian response for our health? Save money, show some mercy, and give the birds a break.

Cosmo Bua

Santa Monica, Ca

* * * *

Dear Editor,

While Jerry Rubin was a great contributor to Treesavers, he was not “the founder” of Treesavers as stated in the 8/20-8/26 Mirror. Treesavers was co-founded by Dan Jansenson, Chris Paine, Jerry Rubin and Susan Hartley. The current Steering Committee members of Treesavers are Linda Piera-Avila, Cosmo Bua, Herb Silverstein, and Susan Hartley. Treesavers can be contacted at

Susan Hartley

Santa Monica, Ca

* * * *

Dear Editor,

I have to point out a big neglected problem that persists and disrupts the enjoyment of the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

That is: The street performers with very high volumes on the amplified speakers to the degree that we cannot have a normal conversation in the outdoor restaurants. Apart from that not only one but two or even three sounds from the high volumes reach our ears and the final product is to drive us crazy. At the same time one performer hears the beat of the one next and cranks up the volume to be heard. And subsequently the other one cranks his volume up and this creates a chain reaction to a chaos, especially on the weekends. Some drummers also drive us crazy and they are the loudest with no music but drum beats to the extreme. Try having dinner next to that!

I strongly suggest that the authorities take the matter under control and limit the decibels even if it meant to do it by decibel metering devices, or else the promenade will stay the blend of cacophony to spoil some peoples fun.

Cordially and my Sincere Thanks,

Anthony Hudaverdi

Santa Monica, Ca.

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