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Media: September TV Preems to Watch:

September means that the Summer season of reruns has come to a close. It also means it’s the time for Americans to open their hearts to maybe finding a few good new shows to become addicted to. Generally speaking, we audiences aren’t inclined to accept change in our daily routine. We like our old shows and don’t want any new ones.

But there are a few worth paying attention to in the coming weeks. If it didn’t star Rebecca Romijn and Lindsay Price, Eastwick (September 23) might be on the highly anticipated list. It’s based on the film of the John Updike novel. The film starred great older actresses Susan Sarandon and Cher, also Michelle Pfeiffer. The series had to make them younger and hotter, naturally, because they like to ruin our fun. It’s not quite Charmed but it’s not Desperate Housewives either. Still, it’s one to check out. ABC.

If you’ve seen the promos for Community (September 17) you know it’s kind of, sort of about community college. How boring can it be if it stars Chevy Chase? The show is getting 30 Rock’s coveted spot Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. The writing had better be good, like as good as it is on 30 Rock or else no one will watch this. While there are plenty of “younger and hotters” to justify the expense, it isn’t exactly Seattle Grace. NBC.

Cougar Town (September 23) stars Courtney Cox Arquette and is about an older woman looking for love with younger men. First off, can we banish the word “Cougar” from the English language? I’m sure that would make many of us jump up and down in our shapewear. Still, it’s probably worth checking out if, for other reason, than to find ways to fill the time until the next episode of Hung. ABC.

Julianna Margulies is back on television with The Good Wife (September 22) wherein she plays the wife of a jailed politician who must put her life back together. It also stars Chris Noth and Christine Baranski. It’s probably too much to hope for it to be a mystery show. There are two few of those. It turns out, though, that it will be a sharp and suspenseful courtroom drama, and there are also too few of those.

Everything old is new again with the Jay Leno Show, which premieres September 14 at 9 p.m., Monday through Friday on NBC. It is very strange that this would be NBC’s choice to air in prime time. Will it be the best thing ever to happen to NBC? How good can it possibly be to take up that much time? Are there really no better scripted shows to air in that time slot? Well, one thing’s for sure. Other than Bill Maher and a few others, there isn’t anyone like Jay Leno on cable. Perhaps this is a way to lure viewers back to the big network.

Finally, ABC has Modern Family (September 23), a mockumentary style comedy lampooning the obsession with reality shows about families. ABC’s website said it’s part of the network’s “Comedy Wednesdays.”

There is something for everyone this month. Whether any of them will get picked up and continue is anyone’s guess. My advice: don’t get too attached.

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