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Alert: Police Blotter: Santa Monica:

Couch Potato.

Wednesday, September 23, 4:16 p.m. Officers of The Santa Monica Police Department went to the Zvezda store in the 600 block of Santa Monica Boulevard because they had been informed that an intoxicated man was sitting on a couch (in the store). When the cops got to Zvezda, they looked at this guy enjoying the couch, and immediately confirmed that he was drunk (tell-tale signs include slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, delusions of normality), and so escorted him from the comfort of the couch to the world outside of Zvezda. This chap did not like this, became belligerent, and began expressing his displeasure by cursing at the officers. The officers decided that this guy needed to be checked out by a medical professional (psychiatrist?) prior to his trip to Santa Monica Jail, and so took him to a local hospital. As they were walking into the medical facility, this intoxicated man displayed his best thinking by stomping on one officers’ foot, and kicking the other in the groin. Needless to say, this 55-year-old white male, of Covina, was booked into the Santa Monica Jail for assault on a police officer and public intoxication.

Meating Gone Bad.

Friday, September 25, 11:20 p.m. Officers received a report of assault and battery in the 400 block of Broadway, so they went there. Here’s what they discovered when they arrived: Apparently, a BBQ had been taking place on the roof at the location. The first victim, a man, had been waiting to use the grill when the suspect came up to the grill and pushed in front of this victim, and placed his own piece of meat on the grill, stating that HE was going to use the grill first. The suspect became heated, and punched this victim in the face when the victim mentioned that he was waiting to grill his own piece of meat next. The victim fell down, and blacked out after this punch. At that point a woman approached, and intervened, thus becoming the second victim, because the suspect slapped her in the face. As the first victim began to get up, the second victim (the woman) approached the suspect again, and this time the suspect punched her in the face with a closed fist. Both victims then left the area and called the police. This suspect, a male black, aged 34, of Upland, was arrested and taken to jail, where he was booked for assault and battery, and one assumes, grilled by the police about his behavior.

Asleep, But Not At The Wheel.

Sunday, September 27, 7:28 a.m. Officers went to the 500 block of Broadway in order to investigate a trespassing case. When they arrived they met up with the property manager and started on the case by listening to what this property manager had to say. What he told them was that a man was sleeping in his black BMW that was positioned in the parking lot of the premises, thus trespassing. The manager also mentioned that he had told this guy the previous day that he could not do this (a warning). Officers quietly took note of the correct signage that notified the public about trespassing. The officers then went to the vehicle and awakened the guy, who was asleep in the rear of the Beemer. They then told him to exit the car, which he did. The cops then discovered that the BMW displayed a false tab on the license plate, and also that the name that the sleeper had given to them was also false. The officers had enough evidence by then to bust this guy, but the suspect resisted the arrest. The resistance was (as is usually the case) futile, because the officers overcame his efforts, took him to jail, and booked him for trespassing, giving false information to a police officer, and possessing false registration tabs.

Attempted Homicide Investigation.

The Santa Monica Police Department needs your assistance in identifying and locating a suspect involved in an attempted homicide.

On 09-25-09 at 9:43 P.M., the Santa Monica Police Department responded to a fight that occurred at the conclusion of the Santa Monica High School and Venice High School football game. The game was played at Santa Monica College.

The initial investigation revealed that the victim, a male Latino, aged 17, who resides in Inglewood, was assaulted by the suspect as he left the football stadium.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Hee Seok Ahn at 310.458.8452, or Sergeant Ira Rutan at 310.458.8959, or the on-duty Watch Commander (24 hours) 310.458.8427.

If you wish to remain anonymous, call WeTip at 1-800-78-CRIME (1.800.782.7463). You will remain completely anonymous and may be eligible for a reward if your information leads to an arrest and conviction.

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