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Alert: Police Blotter : Santa Monica:

A Flight of Fancy

Wednesday, September 30, 4:50 p.m. Officers of The Santa Monica Police Department traveled to the 500 block of California Avenue in order to investigate a burglary report. When they arrived, the victim told them what had occurred, and this is how it went down: The victim told the cops that on September 15 he had parked his truck in the garage area of the apartment building in which he resided. He returned the next day, and found that a paraglider (he was trying to sell this item at the time) that was previously in the truck bed was now missing. Later on, the victim was looking in the Recycler, and noticed that a paraglider, resembling the one that was stolen from him, was listed for sale. He also noticed that the telephone number pertaining to this item for sale was the same as one that a person had called him on enquiring about his own ad offering his paraglider for sale. The officers took this information, investigated further, and served a search warrant upon the guy advertising the paraglider. They discovered said flying device during the search, and arrested the advertiser. When they interviewed him back at the station, this advertiser told the cops that he was involved in a civil dispute with the victim, and that it was not a criminal case. He even produced evidence to this effect. The cops smelled a rat, and went back to the “victim,” and spoke with him. After the cops had chatted with him, the “victim” came clean, and admitted that he had fabricated the whole episode, and that the paraglider had not been stolen at all! This story instantly transformed the “victim” into the suspect, and he, a white male, aged 48, from Ojai, was thus arrested for filing a false police report and extortion by threats.

Trash Talk

Friday, September 2, 10:40 p.m. Officers were instructed to go to the 1700 block of Main Street regarding a fight, so they did. Upon arrival they spoke with a woman, the victim, who told them that she had been taking out some trash, loaded high in a trash cart, en route to a nearby dumpster, when she happened to bump into a man, who, judging by his subsequent behaviour, had taken offense at being bumped into by a woman pushing a trash cart. What he did was to start yelling and screaming, and then pushed this cart back at the victim, thus causing her to fall to the ground. The officers located this transient male black, aged 60, and arrested and booked him for assault and battery, public intoxication, and probation violation.

A Result

Saturday. September 3, 7:46 p.m. Officers got wind of a fight taking place in the 2600 block of 17th Street, and so went there to check it out. When they arrived, they watched a couple of guys fighting, and decided to break it up. As the cops intervened, they figured out who was the suspect, and who was the victim, and subsequently spoke with each of them. The victim said that he had approached the suspect about his share of the proceeds (commission?) that they had agreed upon at work, and that a dispute had ensued. This resulted in the suspect becoming disturbed, which resulted in the suspect attacking the victim. This attack resulted in both of them fighting each other, and that resulted in the suspect attempting to grab a knife, which resulted in the victim disarming the suspect and detaining him until the cops arrived. The result: A male Latino, aged 48, of Valinda, was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

SMC High School Football Match Assault Update

On September 25, at 9:43 p.m. the Santa Monica Police Department responded to a fight that occurred at the conclusion of the Santa Monica High School and Venice High School football game at Santa Monica College. The initial investigation revealed that the victim, a male, Hispanic, 17 years of age who resides in Inglewood, was assaulted by the suspect as he left the football stadium. Further investigation led to the arrest of two individuals. This case is on-going.

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