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Henry Jaglom: The Independent in Santa Monica:

For Henry Jaglom, Santa Monica is not just a beautiful place by the Pacific, nor is it only a setting for many of his recent films.  For Henry Jaglom, Santa Monica is home. 

Jaglom first made his move to the city by the bay 18 years ago and has never left.  With his family residing here as well as his editing studio (his home), it is nothing short of ideal.  Jaglom, who used to live in New York, recalled when he was younger that people used to talk about Santa Monica; everybody thought it was so hip, cool, and fresh that we all wanted to be out here.  Naturally Jaglom followed the advice from others and found his way home. 

“There is everything here that you could want…it’s actually quite amazing, it’s a paradise”, said Jaglom when reflecting on his decision to move from Hollywood. 

Jaglom explained that he used to live in the noise filled and busy streets of Hollywood, because that is where the work was.  Once Jaglom was able to move out of Hollywood and still work, he came straight to Santa Monica.  Jaglom is a regular on Montana; his favorite restaurant on that street is Creation Café (It took a whole of .1 seconds for Jaglom to answer that question).  

Currently, Jaglom is busy as ever working on an upcoming film and getting ready to open his new play, which is playing at the Edgemar Theater on Main St., Just 45 Minutes from Broadway.  Like so many of his works, this play is about the entertainment industry and the challenges faced by people in this industry and in others.

Jaglom who wrote the play, explained it as, “(Just 45 Minutes from Broadway) is about being yourself and not being something else to please other people.  We have to learn to accept if you are not “normal”.  Rather you are bigger than life or more eccentric then the average person it’s not your problem, and if someone doesn’t like it…it’s their problem.”

Just 45 Minutes from Broadway, starring Tanna Frederick, will open October 17, at the Edgemar Center for the Arts, playing Thursday – Sunday.  

Jaglom just has another film coming out titled, Queen of the Lot, also starring Tanna Frederick, which is the sequel to one Jaglom’s more recent films, Hollywood Dreams (2006), about an actress, Margie Chizek, who is obsessed with fame.  Queen of the Lot will premiere Winter/Spring 2010.

When asked about something interesting that people may not know about him, he wanted to debunk the myth of his script writing.  Jaglom is known for his direction and the style in which he uses his actors, which has led to a myth that he creates light scripts.  Jaglom disagreed with this falsehood and explained that his directing style is very hands-on and the idea of him not having control over the scene is not true. 

“I create a very detailed outline, and then what I do with the actors on film is to  encourage them to create dialogue as long as it’s in context with what I want.”

Jaglom truly represents what art signifies in Santa Monica; independent from the rest, locally made, and most of all, about real people in real situations.   When asked about how he thought about Santa Monica and his life here, Jaglom said, “I love this place, I think it’s the best in the country, and Santa Monica has a wonderful artistic core.”

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