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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Another adventure is before you. You have many different options available in choosing your partner for this next endeavor. Be straight with yourself. You will get an odd request over the next week. That thing you lost? Find it.


Threats of any kind should be taken seriously, especially now. You are also going to encounter increased tension as a complex issue is worked out. It is a good thing you have such a kind and giving heart. Many people depend on you. Not so easy for you but a gift for everyone else.


Learn how to take care of the things you value. You will be grateful later, when things don’t fall apart. The value of things is essential to keeping your life well-balanced. You have to remember how to keep harmony with people who are unable to do so.


Another stepping stone is out of the way. Before long, your dreams will be at your doorstep. What you think is right isn’t always. Listen to voices of the younger people. They don’t have the same prejudices and can sometimes be freer thinkers.


The best thing you did was set your priorities in order before you made a permanent change. You can take the path of least resistance or you can be aggressive and fight everyone. Fighting, though, causes too much emotional damage. A couple of deep breaths is always the key.


You are still astounded that other people can be so generous. You are growing, bit by bit, in the best of ways. You learn to listen to the universe when it hands you important 911s. That will help steer you in the right direction.


You don’t have as much time as you thought. The clock is ticking and of course the now is pressing against the future. If you can cross it off your list, do so. Don’t wait until the perfect moment or it will most surely pass you by.


The best things in life are free but keeping those best things happy is a whole other thing. That does cost money. Money gives you freedom and some peace of mind but it won’t solve the biggest problems – it will only make you look a little better while suffering. Your choice.


The power of music and art plays a role in your week. Power is a funny thing, though. You never feel less powerful than when you are in that position in life. It always feels like the bottom could drop out any moment. Try to live in harmony with your nature.


You aren’t sure where your stubbornness began but you just know you can’t break free from it. You have to realize that that emotional maturity comes from a sober experience. The longer you put off sobriety, the longer it takes to catch up.


Nostalgia is the best thing to marinate in when feeling down. Take a trip back down to those places that make you happiest. You had them and in retrospect all of the bad stuff has vanished. Only the best memories remain.


Life is strange. There is no denying it. It seems to get more and more absurd to you as it goes along. But before you completely go crazy, try imagining that you have control of your little piece and that people don’t react to you unless you react to them.

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