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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Use your best defense this week. Pull out all of the stops and do not forget to switch things over when the time comes. You aren’t able to fix things as quickly as you used to, so you have to finesse what can’t be forced. Don’t explode so quickly.


You are being pulled in too many different directions right now and it isn’t fair at all. You need more and better support. You are a hero every day and that gets exhausting after a while. This is why super heroes have costumes – they need to be able to change out of them.


You are changing so fast you can hardly keep track anymore. You are a genuinely kind person with a few flaws. These flaws aren’t totally ruining you, however, and in fact are part of your charm. As long as they don’t leave you feeling really sad and frustrated.


We can’t really do the things we used to do and feel like we’re not neglecting the present. You have to snip those ties and let your boat cast off into the unpredictable sea. It won’t hurt you to not see the shoreline for a while. Navigation comes from within.


You are heeding the worries by your pal. You do need to make significant progress in the life department. Learning how to ignore the meanies is a good step forward. You will be treated to some magic.


There is someone knocking at your door. You don’t want to answer. In fact you’d like to hide if possible. But if you open the door it will give you a much needed lift. You need to forget how fast things can turn sour. That is no way to live, eh? See the brightness.


The gift of music can be life-altering. Never forget that with a few well-blasted tunes everything can feel different. Silence is golden but music is something even more valuable. Give yourself time to listen to music, without the other noises in the room.


We aren’t going to get anywhere going around in a circle. It is probably a good time to start listening to your dreams again. In those dreams are the answers to your irrational thoughts. Although take this advice to heart – in business opening your heart will always work.


The beginning of this thing took many weird twists and turns. This has turned out to be a favorable thing. You aren’t so used to having to explain yourself and would prefer to be able to speak directly. But you can’t always get what you want.


At some point, you’ll have to let it all go and realize that you can’t control everything and that you’ll have to be a little less sure of things and a little more determined to let others in for help. Be direct and certain. Do not delay.


You must tend to your soul every once in a while. You can’t forget in your quest for better health, financial security and safety – your soul needs fulfillment. You might find this through art or dance or music – or perhaps nature.


You can’t let your worst instincts ruin what is best about you. You have to be less concerned about being well thought of and more concerned with unity. It is the path to enlightenment. You have to believe it.

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