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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


This is a week of extremes. You could easily lose your temper and say something you might regret. Don’t fall into the trap of using harsh words or you may undermine you opportunities.


Perhaps another course of action is required if you want to feel your way through this thing. A journey may be the next step. If you can’t bring the mountain to Mohammad, you must rethink the whole equation. Good luck is with you where money is concerned.


This past week was a close call. You might not get that lucky the next time around. What goes around comes around, which means you are kind of overdue for some great luck and energy heading your way. Goodness, though, comes directly from the heart.


You were worried this week after hearing some troubling news. If you can’t beat them, join them. If you can’t join them, ignore them. The school is right here. You can’t find anyone to conspire with you and must go it alone. Your aura is shimmering positivity.


Baby steps will get you back to where you want to be. You don’t always knows the right path – even when it’s right in front of you. You are pleased by the goodness that life is affording you lately. Beware of intrusive people in your life right now.


You have better days ahead though right now happiness is all around you. You’ve made some choices you aren’t exactly proud of. You’ve worked for people you can’t stand. You’ve done things you never thought you’d do. Nothing is impossible when everything is a lesson.


You are coming on the outside. People might think you are down for the count but the truth is, you are gathering much from those around you – they are becoming guides of a sort. Be generous with your ideas and comforted by your intelligence, which is so needed right now.


You are way ahead of the game. Don’t plan on things that leave you feeling panicked and out of sorts. Broaden your horizons a little this time around. The fear thing is holding you back too much lately. It needs to be replaced with the confidence thing.


You are wowed by the depth and complexity of your friends. You hate to say goodbye. You have unexpectedly found your calling and now you just have to figure out how to keep things in the right place. Chaos may reign if you do too much too soon.


The season is nearly upon us. This is always a soul-searching time of year for you. And it is always a torturous time as well. But finally, it is also an extremely happy time of year. Soak up the good cheer and the love, ignore the rest.


These things are never going to get any better unless someone you know is willing to meet you half-way. You can’t get everything all at once but you can share yourself with the world in a better way. Also, pay attention to privacy. It will be important.


Make sure your ducks are all in a row. This was a desperately hard month but things are going to get better soon. It isn’t always going to work this way. Sometimes it will be rougher, sometimes easier. Keep your focus and do not lose sight of the people who are important to you

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