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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You are always working towards self-improvement but sometimes it’s necessary to step back from that and take a long break – be happy with who you are at the moment. Be generous with your own free time. Sink into it and feel the calm of self-giving.


You are not going to get there by trying to race to the finish line. It is best to take your time with things. All the same, progress is being made and it isn’t stuck anymore. You are a lucky person right now. Financial success is on the way.


Your choices can sometimes be hard. And they might not be the best for your whole family or group of friends. Try to think less of yourself these days and more of those who really need your TLC and your input.


You have a good support group so be always ready with the listening ear. You will have those who want to challenge you and those who want to agree with you. You are someone to whom others look up and admire.


If you can’t have it both ways, just have it one way. The best way is the one way – after you’ve made your choice you are set free from indecision. This isn’t the new way, this is the old way. Be happy that there are so many around ready to pick up the ball and run with it.


If you have forgotten the direction out of the maze, just make sure you ask the right person. Asking the wrong person will lose you further. This is a time for focus and for figuring out the right way to go in and the right way to escape.


Don’t play follow the leader if the leader is off track. You shouldn’t ever feel like you can’t get ahead. Make sure that nothing is ever so much to deal with that you check out and stop doing your regular work. Your work is everything right now.


You get a great gift from on high. Be thankful for the bounty and not regretful. You aren’t going to have anything standing in your way when you go for it. You should be able to launch free and clear. All systems a go. Luck is with you like the wind.


This is the beginning – it is only the beginning. The middle is going to cause you the most conflict and the end will be pure joy. You will have relief when you have no chaos. You will start tumbling when you feel lost.


You aren’t sure of where you stop and someone else begins. Clearer boundaries are the key right now. You are assured and right in your stance in the argument, so hold your ground. Beware of the impending bad news.


Your shyness rears its ugly head at the most inopportune time. Most of the time you are at one with your positive self. Confidence is a hard thing to muster when you feel intimidated. Follow the advice of someone older and wiser.


Start closer to the beginning and nothing will elude you. Do not torment yourself when you make a mistake. Anyone can make a mistake. The truth is it makes you a more interesting person. Seek out those who are afraid of approaching you.

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